Pre College
Q: How do I apply for the Pre-College/Summer Bridge Program?
A: Apply Here
Q: What is the difference between the Pre-College and Summer Bridge?
A: Summer Bridge is a division of the Pre-College Program. Students who attend Summer Bridge do so because they are trying to earn acceptance into the University. Only students who have conditional acceptance are considered Summer Bridge. Their description and requirements are as follows:

Summer Bridge - (by invitation only) students who are admitted to Hampton University pending successful completion of the program are required to take two (2) courses, specifically Math and English unless otherwise instructed, and earn a cumulative average of 2.5 or higher by the end of the program. Depending on the student's placement, he/she may be instructed to take three (3) courses. Summer Bridge students must submit a Pre-College Enrollment Form and Deposit only.

Q: Who can attend the Pre-College Program?
A: Any student who has completed their junior or senior year of high school by June of the current year may attend the Pre-College Program (pending meeting requirements). In addition to the Summer Bridge participants, there are three other types of students. There is the Rising Senior, Summer Only, and the Pre-College student. Their description and requirements are as follows:

Rising Seniors - (entering senior year of high school) students may enroll in a maximum of two (2) courses: History, Oral Communication or Social Science only. Must submit: Enrollment Form, Summer Session Application, ACT, SAT or PSAT scores, high school transcript, and two letters of recommendation. These students must have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA/4.0 scale by April 1, 2019.

Summer Only - (entering college freshman) students who have not applied to Hampton University and plan to attend another college in the Fall. This student may enroll in two (2) courses: History, Oral Communication or a Social Science only. Must submit: Enrollment Form, Summer Session Application, ACT or SAT test score(s), and high school transcript and proof of admission from their perspective University.

Pre-College* - (entering college freshman) students who are admitted and plan to enroll in Hampton University for the Fall Semester. This student may enroll in three (3) courses. Must submit: Enrollment Form and Deposit Only.

Q: Do all students need to submit medical documentation?
A: YES! All students must have a current physical examination and immunization record on file with Student Health Services by May 1, 2019 and Fall 2019 term and on or before May 1, 2019 deadline . Please be advised that the meningitis vaccination is a mandatory health requirement for admission to this university. In addition, a parental signature is required on the form if the student is under eighteen (18) years of age. Your compliance with all health requirements must be met in accordance with state law.

  • Medical Clearance is required through the Med+Proctor electronic process for all Pre-College and Summer Bridge students who are entering in the Fall 2019 term. Medical forms must be submitted on or before May 1, 2019 deadline. For more information, click here: Medical Clearance Requirements
  • Medical Clearance for Summer Only and Rising Senior students (only) must submit the following medical forms. The forms may be hand delivered or mailed to the Health Center (see address top of medical form) by May 1st. Click here: Medical Clearance Form
Q: How are students placed in their courses?
A: Students will be placed in the appropriate courses based upon their grade point average (GPA), SAT and/or ACT test scores, and high school transcript. Students required to take additional tests for placement will receive notification from the department of Testing Services the day of Registration. Summer Bridge students will not be placed in more than two classes unless placement results indicate deficiencies in Math, Reading, or English. Deficiencies in all three areas will require the student to enroll in EDU 295. These students are accepted to Hampton University only on the condition that they complete the course work with a GPA of 2.5 or better, and S (Satisfactory) in developmental courses with S/U (Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory) designations.

Pre-College students may take a minimum of two courses or a maximum of three courses.

Q: What is the difference between degree credited courses and non-degree credited courses?
A: If a student is placed in freshman entry-level courses, he or she may receive 6 to 9 hours of college credit. If a student's evaluation indicates a need for development in skills like English, Reading or Math, he/she will be placed in 100 level preparatory courses. Courses at the 100 level are non-degree credit courses. These courses will prepare the student for college level course work, but they will not be counted toward the amount of credits the student needs to graduate.
Q: How often do classes meet and how long do they last?
A: Classes meet every day, no matter how many courses the student is taking. Each class period is scheduled to be one hour and forty-five minutes in length.
Q: Will the credits earned during the summer go towards a transcript?
A: Yes! It is very important that the student knows and understands that these grades will become a part of a permanent file. They will have established an official Hampton University transcript by the end of the summer.
Q: What should a student bring to the Pre-College Program?
A:Students should feel free to bring any of the following items listed below. Please make sure to take note of the items that are not allowed on University property:

Clothes: Casual wear, church attire, and a tasteful bathing suit. Business attire is mandatory for class presentations and the closing banquet ceremony.

Academic and Personal Items: Notebooks, Pens, Pencils, Daily Planner, Computer or Typewriter (optional), Personal Prescriptions, Laundry Needs, Good Supply of Toiletries, Iron, Towels, Linen (for Twin Bed) and Pillow, Shower Shoes, Broom and Dustpan, Waste Basket, Rain wear, Board Games, Puzzles, Cards, Small Television, Stereo and/or Radio Etc.

Q: Is there an add or drop period during the Pre-College Program?
A: Yes! This period is at the end of the first week of Pre-College where students must receive approval by the program director to add or drop a class. Summer Bridge students must take two courses (math and english) to fulfill the provision requirements, however Pre-College students may take up to three courses.
Q: How much does the Pre-College Program cost and when is the money due?
A:The cost for the 2019 program is $2,380**. This cost includes tuition as well as room and board. There is a $500 deposit which is due Monday, May 3, 2019. The remaining $1,880 will be due on June 1, 2019.

**Cost is subject to change!

Q: In addition to the student's tuition/room and board, will there be any additional fees?
A:Yes! In addition to any personal money the student may need, please be informed of the three additional costs. The following fees are approximated:

**Textbooks – $300.00

Paramount King's Dominion – $40.00 (optional)

Pre-College Program T-shirt – $10.00 (optional)

**Cost is subject to change.

Q: Does financial aid cover the Pre-College/Summer Bridge program?
A: No. The Pre-College/Summer Bridge program is not a requirement for education, essentially it is a summer program and it’s an expense that must be covered by participant.
Q: Is there a payment plan available for the program?
A: No. There is not an official payment plan for the program. Parents/Guardians can build upon the initial payment; however, the payment must be paid in full by the due date.
Q: Is there a meal plan?
A: The meal plan is covered by the tuition, which is $2,380*
Q: Is the Pre-College $500 deposit the same as the $600 deposit from the admissions department?
A: No. The $500 non-refundable deposit is for the Pre-College summer session only. There is an additional $600 deposit for the Fall semester.

Rules to Live by

  1. Check Out
    • We do not permit students to sign out for overnight visits. Participants are encouraged to refrain from off-campus visits during the period of the program. Should you desire to sign out for any one weekend, a complete sign-out authorization form is required.
  2. On-Campus Curfew
    • Sunday-Thursday 11:00 p.m.
      Friday-Saturday 1:00 a.m.
    • NOTE: To stay in accordance with the City of Hampton's rules and regulations for minors it is unlawful for any person under the age of 18 to be in a public place in the city past 11:00 P.M. All students must be on campus by 11P.M. every day. The curfew above stands for on-campus only. It is the responsibility of the student to follow the curfew.
  3. Cars
    • Pre-College and Summer Bridge students are NOT permitted to have cars on campus.
  4. Visitation
    • Students may only receive visitors of the opposite sex in the residence hall lounge at times specified by the Residence Hall Director. Visitation of the opposite sex in dorm rooms is prohibited during the summer.
      *Subject to Change

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
The Pre-College Program
P.O. Box 6191
Hampton University
Hampton, Virginia 23668




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