National Hampton Alumni Association (N.H.A.A.)
  "Leveraging the Legacy"
Joan Wickham

“Leveraging the Legacy”

Greetings Fellow Hamptonians,

As we continue to embrace "Leveraging the Legacy", it is important for all of us to understand what it means. It means that all of us are committed to improving and enhancing our legacy, NHAA, Inc. and Hampton University. As we embrace the dreams and concepts of Booker T. Washington, our first national president, it is our responsibility to ensure that the sacred grounds of our beloved "Home by the Sea", Hampton University is always in the forefront of our lives.

NHAA, Inc. has had a wonderful and eventful year, and is committed to raising 1.5 million dollars during the current fiscal year alongside our partner Hampton University. I saw so many of you during reunion weekend, May 10, 2013 through May 12, 2013. As you celebrated and reminisced with your class mates you also kept in mind our obligation to give back to our alma mater and to encourage those classmates that have not given to give back to their alma mater by giving 1.3 million dollars. We are in a campaign this fiscal year (2013-2014) to increase our donor base so that we can once again be number one. We can do this because first of all we are Hamptonians and second of all we are always number one. For those of you who would like to give on line you may do so by visiting the following web site and click on donate now: I had the opportunity to visit with the North Carolina Region in Charlotte at their annual Regional Conference, the North Atlantic Region in Newark, Delaware, The South East Region in Columbia, South Carolina, and the South West Region in El Paso, Texas. All of the regions conferences were simply outstanding. All of our regions are magnificent. Keep up the good work.

I encourage those of you who are not members of NHAA, Inc. to join your local chapters and become a part of this great legacy. NHAA, Inc. belongs to you, therefore please attend your meetings and conferences. NHAA, Inc. will continue to demonstrate our alumni's commitment to service by participating in a Global Day of Service and by all alumni chapters participating in a recognition of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on or around his birthday in their communities.

I look forward to seeing all of you at the many events that NHAA, Inc. and Hampton University sponsor around the country. As usual, I am excited about working with and for you as all of us as alumni continue on this journey to "Leverage the Legacy".

Yours in the Hampton Spirit,

Joan McMillan Wickham, '78, 82', '10

NHAA, Inc. President

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