National Hampton Alumni Association (N.H.A.A.)
  N.H.A.A., Inc. Regions & Chapters
As you move around and you find you want to get actively involved or stay involved in the National Hampton Alumni Association, Inc., there is always a chapter nearby. If there isn't one, then you can always start a brand new chapter or reactivate an inactive one. There are 70 chapters in 7 regions across the country.

Determine the region in which you live and click on the respective link above to see if there is a chapter near you. Each region has a Regional President who oversees the respective chapter, a Regional Alumni Giving Chairperson, and Student Recruitment Contacts. If you are interested in starting a new chapter, have questions on alumni giving and are interested in student recruitment, then this information will be helpful. Please contact the Regional President of your region or the Office of Alumni Affairs for further information.

Some of your local chapters have websites of their own.  After selecting your region, if the chapter has a website, there will be an address next to or below the chapter's name.