Attending college not only requires focused study, but also a solid financial plan to help offset costs. Hampton University Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships is there to offer guidance and clarity to familes who are considering some form of financial assistance. Whether you're applying for a student loan or a scholarship, we can help you get started.

Hampton University's Direct Costs

Tuition (All Students)  $21,552
Comprehensive Fee  $2,440
Total Tuition $23,992
* Room $5,556
** Board $5,128
Technology Fee $250

* Additional charges will be made for specific residence halls.
** Cost will vary according to meal plan chosen.

Additional estimated expenses include, books, supplies, transportation and other personal expenses that are determined by lifestyle and other cost-saving avenues.

Scholarships & Grants

Hampton University Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships offers a variety of academic scholarships and provides information about need-based grants, as well as educational grant awards from other state higher education agencies.


Hampton University offers a variety of student loan products, including Federal Stafford, Perkins, Parent PLUS, and Grad PLUS loans. These low-interest loans are government-supported and can be used to pay expenses such as tuition, fees, room, board, books, supplies, and transportation.