Center for Public Policy Where policy matters.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Center for Public Policy is to:

  • generate objective ideas, strategies and statistical data for current public policy issues
  • address concerns of the American people and analyze appropriate methods to foster solutions, and,
  • promote and inform effective¬† responses and alternatives to important political, administrative and social problems that affect the quality of life in Virginia, the United States, and the world.

The CPP uses the tools of empirical social science to understand and address public policy issues, while developing strategies as a means of engaging in meaningful dialogue on public policy issues. Social media is another tool utilized at the CPP to address and contribute to the global marketplace of ideas.

Students at Hampton University contribute to the mission in a variety of ways. From collecting data to co-authoring reports and articles to polling, students are a part of the research and agenda setting process at the Center for Public Policy.

We are moving forward and bridging the gap between theory and practical solutions at the Hampton University Center for Public Policy… Where Policy Matters.