Release Time

All release time associated with externally funded projects during the academic year must be fully paid for by the sponsoring agency. Proposal budgets must, therefore, reflect the full cost of release time (salary, fringe benefits, and indirect cost) to the funding agency.

Chairpersons may not award release time to a faulty member at the University's expense in order to carry out activities associated with an externally funded project. Faculty who have release time for the academic year may not defer that time in order to gain more release time in any one semester. For example, faculty may not combine two semesters of release time into one. Further, faculty investigators may not have more than 50% release time.

Any exceptions to this policy will require the recommendation of the School Dean and the approval of the Provost.

This policy is to be published in the Faculty Handbook and the Handbook for  Research and Sponsored Programs. In implementing this policy, it shall be the responsibility of the Provost to inform faculty-at-large; the responsibility of the Director of Sponsored Programs to inform all persons preparing proposals of the existence of the policy; and the responsibility of the Assistant Vice President for Grants Management, Academic Deans, Director of Sponsored Programs, and Provost to monitor compliance with the policy.