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Chemical Instrumentation Laboratory Technician
Department of Chemistry
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The Chemical Instrumentation Laboratory Technician (CILT) is an Academic Technical Support Staff position. The Technician will be expected to operate and maintain chemical instrumentation and other scientific equipment, as well as coordinate activities requiring these facilities in support of teaching, research, and routine chemical measurements. The Technician will work in more than one laboratory and with more than one faculty member to facilitate resource and equipment use.

Duties and Responsibilities

 1.        Will be familiar with all instruments in the Department of Chemistry: operational design features, operational requirements, capabilities, etc.

  2.       Keep an up-to-date user 1og for each instrument.

  3.       Schedule a preventive maintenance (PM) time table for each instrument in consultation with Department Chair.

  4.       Keep track of essential instrument supplies, e.g., cryogenics for NMR and ICP, compressed gases for Gas Chromatography, and solvents for liquid

            chromatographic systems.

  5.       Maintain a schedule of instrument needs for faculty and students.

  6.       Coordinate with faculty to set up instruments for instructional activities as needed.

  7.       Provide training sessions for faculty and students as needed.

  8.       Assist the Chair and faculty as needed in procuring parts and/or new equipment.

  9.       Attend pertinent short-term workshops and seminars as may be recommended and approved by the Chair.

  10.     Conduct field measurements, sampling, and certification measurements related to the Water Quality Research Laboratory.

  11.     Perform other related duties as assigned by the Department Chair.

  12.     Report to and consult with the Chemistry Department Chair as needed.


The Technician must be able to manage multiple activities simultaneously. The Technician must have high mechanical and technical aptitude, and have good observation skills. The Technician must have problem solving skills, be able to work with his/her hands, think analytically, and pay attention to detail. The Technician must have a desire to learn new skills, a willingness to accept responsibility, and a commitment to finishing projects and tasks.


A Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry or closely related field with strong background and experience in chemical instrumentation.

How to Apply

Please submit a cover letter, resume, and a completed Application for Educational Support Staff Employment to the:

Office of Human Resources

Hampton University

Hampton, VA 23668

**No phone calls

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