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Skin of Color Research Institute (HUSCRI)
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A full-time research technician position is available at a laboratory that uses the zebrafish as an animal model. Projects in the lab will involve mammalian cell culture and zebrafish techniques.  This will require expertise in biochemistry, cell biology and molecular biology techniques. Individuals without experimental expertise and research experience will not be considered. Good communications skills and the ability to work within a group are a must. Training will be provided for the experimental use and daily care of research animals (zebrafish) in a zebrafish facility, at Hampton University according to NIH/OLAW regulations. This will require the candidate perform the training required by the institution for working with vertebrate research animals. The successful candidate will be a highly responsible individual, who would be expected to contribute to the organization and maintenance of the lab and aquarium equipment, as well as contributing to weekend and/or holiday fish feedings as required.

Duties and Responsibilities

The technician is expected to be able to perform standard laboratory procedures routinely used for mammalian cell culture, molecular biology and cell biology. Training for specific protocol’s and use of specialized equipment will be provided. This position requires good communication with other members of the lab and good organizational skills are expected. This individual will participate in sharing zebrafish care responsibilities, including occasional weekend fish feedings.  This individual will also help ensure that NIH/OLAW regulations are enforced to ensure compliance with these agencies and theHampton University’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). He/she will meet with the PI(s) on a weekly basis to update on progress of experiments and problem solve facility/technical issues.

Specifically, this individual will be required to perform the following duties:

1) The candidate will participate in the shared responsibility for the zebrafish housing facility and performance of experiments using the zebrafish model. Reliability is essential and the candidate will be required to share their mobile number with the administrative staff in the event of emergencies requiring immediate attention. 

2) The candidate will be proficient in conducting standard laboratory experiments independently using mammalian cell culture or zebrafish as samples, immunofluorescence, western blotting, using colorimetric/fluorescent staining techniques. The successful candidate is familiar with DNA and RNA isolation, and can perform routine PCR reactions and qPCR.  Record keeping is essential for this position; therefore, lab notes have to be updated on a daily basis so that other members of the lab can understand the details of every experiment performed.

3) The successful candidate will also need to maintain/calibrate and replace, as necessary, lab equipment and disposable items, keep detailed records and help organize lab reagents.  

4) The successful candidate will also assist with other routine duties such as cleaning of glassware, tissue culture areas, imaging area, refrigerators, freezers, setup of fish for breeding and collection of embryos.

5) This individual will be required to maintain fish lines for current projects and monitor fish health.

6) The successful candidate will be able to contribute to on-going research by working closely under the supervision of the Principal Investigator and/or Post-doctoral Scientist, in order to accelerate research progress. 

7) Interest in research is a requirement.  The candidate will participate in lab meetings and answer questions about any aspect of an experiment that he/she is involved in.  As part of this training, senior members of the lab will provide guidance.


The candidate is expected to provide at least 3 references that confirms his/her abilities and have the flexibility and social skills to work with lab personnel and the PI.


A Bachelor’s degree or 2 years of relevant lab experience.

How to Apply

Please submit a cover letter, resume, and a completed Application for Educational Support Staff Employment either in person, via email at HROffice@hamptonu.edu, or fax to (757) 727-5969: 

Office of Human Resources

Hampton University

Hampton, VA 23668

 **No phone calls

**Incomplete applications will not be considered

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