Harvey Leadership Institute

William R. Harvey Leadership Institute - Requirements & Curriculum

Program Requirements

  • Complete an 18 credit hour curriculum.
  • Complete 400 hours of applied experience in a public service organization.
  • Participate in Institute workshops
  • Participate in evening workshops
  • Participate in campus organizations and activities
  • Assist in planning and coordinating Leadership Institute activities


LEA 201 Foundations of Leadership Studies Credit 2
Introduction to the history and theory of leadership. Survey of leadership competencies through analysis of leader biographies. LEA 201 is a prerequisite to all other Leadership Institute courses.
LEA 202 Practices and Tools of Leadership Credit 2
The focus is the development of the personal skills required to ethically follow and lead. Critical thinking and problem-solving approaches as they relate to ethical leadership will be examined. The responsibilities and techniques of effective communication will be explored.
LEA 301 Ethics and Leadership Credit 3
Examines the historic development and intellectual foundations of ethics with focused attention on the moral implications and how they apply to contemporary leadership issues. Designed to engage the students in essential questions relating to the study of ethics and its relationship to the practice of leadership and ethical decision making.
LEA 302 Leadership in Organizations Credit 2
Exploration of group dynamics related to how groups function. Development of skills required to follow and lead in groups. Examines team-building, motivation and conflict resolution. Differentiation of leadership roles in public, private and non-profit organizations.
LEA 303 Service Internship Credit 3
400 hours of applied experience in a public service organization in which the student can meet course objectives. The internship will provide a firsthand opportunity to understand the responsibilities, challenges and rewards of committed community service. The student will collaborate with a faculty advisor during the internship
LEA 304 Leadership in Context Credit 2
Study and analyze ethical leaders and leadership in private industry, politics, social reform movements and international affairs.
LEA 305 Special Topics Credit 1-3
Topics developed by the student in collaboration with The William R. Harvey Leadership Institute faculty that address particular issues in leadership.
LEA 400 Leadership and Policy Credit 2
Analysis of policy development and implementation. Students will explore the alternatives, responsibilities and the ethical and moral dimensions of policy making. The course will include practical exercises on: issue identification and analysis; developing courses of action; developing, implementing and evaluating policies.
LEA 401 Senior Leadership Seminar Credit 2
Senior capstone course focused on interactive study of current leadership issues in student's major area of academic study.