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The Senior Class - ONYX VII

The members of ONYX VII has been through four great years together. They have participated in a lot of events and definitely made a big impact on their "Home by the Sea."

While the end of their tenure at Hampton University is fast approaching, the memories will last forever. Seniors like Dominique Steele, a psychology major, recalls what it felt like when first arriving at Hampton.

"I didn't know anyone before coming here. I was really scared and wanted to go home. Now that I've been here I'm a little scared to leave, it's like I'm leaving a family" Many seniors can be proud of the new highs they've achieved while studying through complex academic challenges. The important work done while attending the University has helped them to reach forward to new heights. Seniors will be reminded of how remarkable a place Hampton University is when Sunday, May 11, 2008 arrives, knowing there are great promises for the future.

The reflection of the memories shared exists among the people and the vibrant personalities they bring to every event. Evan Nave, a broadcast journalism major, said he's looking forward to the future.

"I can't wait to leave. Now I get to come back during football games such as homecoming and mingle among the alumni."

At football games it's not just about the game but who comes out to it and how grand of an entrance they make. Looking out upon the crowd, one might believe that the stadium holds a reunion, rather than a football game. Many alumni wear their jackets proudly displaying their respective Greek organizations, or hats and tee shirts proclaiming that they did, indeed, attend Hampton University.

"Never again will I spend such a large amount of time with so many people from all over, and that is really special," said Brittney Wilkerson, a pharmacy major. "I wish everyone could experience having so many completely different and unique people as friends that will last a lifetime."

-Amanda Mobley