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Seniors' Last Words

While many students are anticipating their upcoming summer break from college, HU’s graduating class of 2009 is anticipating their quickly approaching graduation day on May 10. As classes wind down, graduating seniors reflect on their college experience and life after graduation.

Elizabeth Jefferson


Public Relations/ Psychology
Los Angeles, Calif.

“Hampton has provided me with wonderful resources and I am sure that I am equipped with the tools and knowledge I need to succeed. I am ready for the world and look forward to starting my own public relations firm. If you need some publicity, holler at me!”

John Simon

Brooklyn, N.Y.

“Graduating from Hampton has taught me to prepare accordingly for everything life throws at you. It has exposed me to a variety of beautiful black people. Matriculating at HU also has taught me to invest my funds for a rainy day. With my marketing major, I have sharpened my marketing skills. My education here will make me wealthy.”


Cordereau Dye


Charlotte, N.C.

“Throughout the four years I have been at HU, I have learned and grown in ways I never thought possible. I was told college would be the hardest experience of my life…this was true. At the same time, it has been an eye opening and rewarding experience. I am optimistic about the future and more than ready for what it will bring.”

Ebony Brooks

Communicative Sciences and Disorders
Prince Georges County, Md.

“Hampton has given me many opportunities to love my future career and enjoy other professionals. One thing I can say, ‘Never look back and keep looking forward to the future.’ HU may not have the greatest parties, but being a communicative sciences and disorders major, I know that I will owe Hampton for my wonderful education.”


Michael Williams


Sports Management
Brooklyn, N.Y.

“HU a.k.a. ‘The Real H.U.’ has provided me the opportunity to make life long relationships and memories that will always be a part of me. Hampton was my third choice but I am glad it is where I ended up. There is nothing better than seeing thousands of black people furthering their education and trying to better themselves.”

Alaina Patterson

English Arts
Los Angeles, Calif.

“HU has been an unforgettable experience for me. I definitely do not regret traveling thousands of miles to receive my college education. My fondest memories are of the friends that I have made, especially those who have encouraged my growth and learning upon graduating. I know that I will be prepared to fulfill whatever plan God has in store for me. Hampton has fostered an environment for academic excellence, and I am proud to be a part of its legacy.”


Yazid Britt


Business Management
East Orange, N.J.

“HU has taught me to always trace my tracks and be persistent in every aspect of my life. Through Hampton, I was able to start my own production company called ‘Food for Your Soul Music.’ I have met many musically talented people who have all attended Hampton. I’ve always said that if I was the President of Hampton, I would consider starting a record label for students. There is too much talent here to waste. If anyone needs production, holler at “Ya Money”. Stay blessed and dream big!”

Brittany Nicole Evans

Broadcast Journalism /Sociology
Auburn Hills, Mich.

“HU: The ‘Black Experience’…the ‘HBCU’…the ‘Elite Institution’ where the cream of the crop come to network. While this is true, there is so much more to Hampton. Many can talk about the classes they took and the parties that they attended but Hampton gave me the opportunity experience more than that. I met myself. I have learned so much about personal time management, patience, my heritage and my relationships and I have grown mentally. Not only that, but I found a purpose to give back to the black community. I see so much talent here at Hampton and through that, I have learned that we all are connected. Hampton is filled with so many strong African Americans. If you sit down with someone from Hampton, I am certain they will amaze you, and for this I am proud to graduate from Hampton University … ‘The Real HU!’"


-Ronda Bryant