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I Probably Recruited You!

An Insider’s Look at the Student Recruitment Team


The Hampton University Student Recruitment Team (SRT) was formed to help the school’s Office of Admission recruit students. The team handles telecounseling, which includes notifying high school applicants and parents of missing information in application packages, as well as coordinating and hosting campus tours. They also attend out-of-state recruitment trips, plan small special events for recruitment, and work within the community. SRT has a number of sub-teams within the organization that are geared towards publicity, community service and promoting school spirit. Jessica Saunders, a fourth year Pharmacy major, is one of the group’s team leaders and co-chair of its membership committee. Below she explains what SRT is about and what impact the group had on her personally, as well as how it benefits future Hamptonians.

Q. Why did you join SRT?

Jessica: I joined SRT for a few reasons. First, during my senior year of high school I came to the Premiere Honors Visitation weekend hosted by the Office of Admission. Members of SRT basically directed the entire weekend, and gave me a lot of insight as to what I could expect as a Hamptonian. That experience was really my deciding factor in choosing to attend Hampton, and I wanted to be able to have the same impact on prospective students that those members of SRT had on me. Also joining SRT was a way for me to get involved, give back to my university, make friends I otherwise would not have met, come out of my somewhat reserved shell, and gain leadership experience. To sum it all up, it was a way to enhance my Hampton experience.

Q. What is the group’s main goal?

Jessica: The main goal of our team is to RECRUIT! We aid the Office of Admission in their recruitment efforts via tours, telecounseling, special events, and local college fairs. However, we also place emphasis on community service, fundraising and team bonding in the structure of our organization.

Q. How do you see that the group helps potential Hamptonians?

Jessica: We give prospective students a glimpse of our beloved university through the eyes of a diverse group of current students. This helps them not only make a decision about joining the Hampton family, but also gives them insight on college life in general. Campus visits and talking to current students have a profound impact on a prospective student’s college decision. It is an amazing feeling to wear our “I probably recruited you” t-shirts around campus, and encounter students that we gave a tour to or hosted for a special recruiting event, and know that we played a role in their decision to become a Hamptonian.

Q. How many students make up the group?

Jessica: Our team currently consists of about 60 student members and many volunteers.

Q. What are your big events on campus?

Jessica: We play a role, under the Office of Admission, in planning and facilitating the Fall Open House and Annual Honors Visitation Weekend in the fall. However, our biggest events are definitely High School Day in April and our weekly tours.

Q. How can a student become part of SRT?

Jessica: Students interested in SRT can apply in mid-spring once applications are released the week prior to High School Day, April 2. In addition to the application, applicants must  take a test on their knowledge of the University's buildings and history, complete an interview and volunteer for High School Day. Detailed flyers will be posted regarding our interest meeting as the time approaches.

-Leha Byrd