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What I Will Miss Most . . .

Seniors talk about the impact HU has had on their lives

Deandrea Greer-Thomas is an accounting major from Dallas, and has secured an internship at Ernst & Young in the tax department. Greer-Thomas will also be going to graduate school to obtain a master's degree in taxation.

“What I will miss most about Hampton U is, the people here, especially my graduating class, QT7. The friends I made at HU are going to be my friends for the rest of my life!”
Brandon Northington is a business management major and leadership studies minor from Georgetown, Ky. and plans to attend law school after graduation.

"What I will miss most about my 'Home by the Sea' will be all the wonderful people I have met here that I refer to as my family. I will miss my big sisters and brothers and all of my little brothers and sisters and close friends I've made. While I know we will be friends forever and talk frequently it will never be like these past four years."
Jamila Gerald is a history major from Northern Virginia and will attend Teacher's College, Columbia University to purse a master's degree in inclusive elementary education.

"What will I miss most about Hampton U is the family-like atmosphere here at Hampton; life will never be like this again..."
Randle Thompson is an accounting major from Upper Marlboro, Md. and plans on pursuing a career in accounting with Fannie Mae. He also has plans to continue his education by obtaining a Master of Business Administration and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license.

"What will I miss most about Hampton U is seeing all my friends on their grind from day to day."
Andrea Brown is a broadcast journalism major, leadership studies minor from Houston, and plans to pursue a master's degree in management at Wake Forest Univeristy or intern for a major publication in New York City this summer.

"What will I miss most about Hampton U is the many close relationships that I have built throughout my matriculation, both with professors and students. What I will miss most about Hampton is the unique family environment, and the times I've spent, truly having fun and enjoying the campus!"
Jeremy Ticey is a physics major from Burnsville, Minn. and after graduation he will be attending the University of Maryland-College Park to enter a Ph.D. program in materials science and engineering.

"What I will most about Hampton U is the relationships that I've built with friends and classmates."
Leah Lescouflair is a business management major from Bronx, N.Y. and will be going to graduate school to study non-profit management or management consulting in New York after graduation.

"What I will miss most about Hampton U is all of the people who have contributed to my happiness and growth during these last four years. The lifelong friendships I have gained including the laughs, cries, and everything in between are definitely irreplaceable. I will also remember those faculty and staff members who have went far beyond their job descriptions to become more than just educators, but as mentors, 'mother figures' and friends. To all of those people, I truly owe a thank you."
Eric Bigger is an entrepreneurship major from Baltimore and plans on attending graduate school, then starting a non-profit organization for mentoring/counseling youth.

"What I will miss most about Hampton U is the atmosphere, the people and the networking... you won't find that in the real world."
Brittany Henry is a business administration major, with a concentration in finance, from Milwaukee. She has accepted an analyst position with Accenture Consulting in Washington D.C.

"What I will most about Hampton U is honestly, I will miss my fellow Hamptonians the most. I've enjoyed getting to know so many people here. When else will I have the opportunity to be surrounded by intelligent, focused, hardworking young black adults? It's bittersweet but I'm excited to see what we will achieve 5-10 years from now."
Jamal Norwood is a music recording and technology major from Upper Marlboro, Md. and plans on pursing a career in audio recording and mixing at Sirius XM Satellite Radio upon graduation.

"What I will miss most about Hampton U is the people, and the friends I've made. I probably won't see a lot of the people I've met here again, so I'm trying to tie the knots now."
Frances L. Annanis a marketing and pre-medicine major from Denver. After graduation, she plans on attending medical school to become a pediatrician and goal is to assist in the improvement of health among disadvantaged populations in the United States and around the world.

"What I will miss most about Hampton U is the people. It's been a great experience meeting individuals from all parts of the United States and world. Its inspiring to observe determined African Americans who want to assist in the betterment of our community and who pride themselves in their individual cultures. The spirit of Hampton has finally caught up to me as I venture off, and it will be one to stick with me for a lifetime. I came in as a young naive girl, and I am leaving here as a proud Hamptonian woman. Good luck to all my fellow Hamptonians in all your endeavors!"

- Nicquita Reed