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Men's Caucus to Start Year Off With Urban Flair

Integrity, honor and respect. Those are just three values that represent the members of the Student Government Association Men’s Caucus. The caucus promotes social, economic and educational welfare to men of all backgrounds. The organization does not focus only on the Hampton man, but the community at large.

One of the first events the Men's Caucus will host will be a seminar on hip hop, the black male and the effect it has on his community. The event will be held this fall. Stay posted for details.

“The name of the event is entitled Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes. We will be showing a documentary film, but we want this to be interactive so the audience can ask questions and voice their opinions on the issues,” said Reynolds Graves, a sophomore political science major from Detroit, Mich.

Graves said by showing this film and getting the community’s outlook, the stereotype that is placed on black men will hopefully begin to disappear.

“One section is on how females are portrayed in the hip hop world and how men react to it. By looking at the problem, it will really help us as black men put a stop to it and help us mature. That is all we want to do in the end, bash the stereotype,” said Graves.

-Justin Tinsley