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Biochemical Dispensing Drill

A biochemical dispensing exercise was held
in the Student Center.

The Hampton Health District conducted a biochemical dispensing exercise Sept. 19 at Hampton University. The purpose was to equip HU as a quick dispensing center (QDC) in the event of a biochemical attack in the city. A QDC is a designated location where local citizens come for medications and consultation after a widespread biochemical attack. Almost 500 students participated in the event, along with faculty and staff from various schools and departments including, Nursing, Pharmacy, Health, Physical Education and Recreation and the Career Counseling and Planning Center.

School of Business

Prudential CFO Richard Carbone and Dean of the School of Business Dr. Sid Howard Credle

Prudential Financial CFO Richard Carbone and
Dr. Sid H. Credle, dean of the
School of Business

In the midst of the national economic crisis, the Hampton University School of Business hosted Prudential CFO Richard Carbone. He spoke to approximately 150 five-year MBA program students during a presentation in the Leadership Application Program and 10 members of the School’s Accounting Honor Society. Carbone and other members of the Prudential Financial team spent the day with Dr. Sid Howard Credle, dean of the HU School of Business, to dedicate the Prudential Logistical Support Lab in Buckman Hall. Prudential provided the School of Business with $50,000 to renovate the technology lab.

School of Liberal Arts, Department of English

Hidden Beach

Students listen as Charles Whitfield and Tony
Rich offer advice for breaking into the music

On Sept. 24, students gathered at the Harvey Library Meeting Room to meet Charles Whitfield, internship coordinator for Hidden Beach Recordings, and Grammy award-winning R&B artist Tony Rich. The opportunity offered students the opportunity to learn about the internship opportunities at Hidden Beach and various careers in the music industry. Hidden Beach Recordings is the record label behind such artists as Jill Scott and Bebe Winans. Whitfield and Rich told of their experiences entering the music industry and fielded questions from students. The event was sponsored by the Department of English and the Calliope Literary and Film Society.

Department of Naval Sciences

ROTC Patriot Day Run 2008

HU Navy ROTC midshipmen participated in the annual
Patriot Day Run. (click image to enlarge)

As part of the Hampton Roads Navy ROTC Consortium, members of Hampton University’s Navy ROTC participated in the Patriot's Day Run as a remembrance of the tragic events of September 11, 2001. For the fourth consecutive year, this event has served as a reminder for the students and staff of why they have volunteered to answer the call to arms as an officer in their respective branches. The run took the midshipmen around the Old Dominion University campus in a battalion formation and culminated at ODU’s Webb Center with a speech by Hampton Roads NROTC Commanding Officer, CAPT Mike “Breeze” Barea. CAPT Barea emphasized to the students that there will be a defining moment in each of their careers in which all of their training, hard work and dedication will help prepare them to be ready.

School of Science, Center for Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences

Seven Hampton University students received a total of $36,500 in scholarships from the Virginia Space Grant Consortium (VSGC). Student scholarships varied from $3,000 to $8,500. VSGC provides scholarships and fellowships to students working toward degrees in engineering, science, technology and mathematics. Two undergraduate students received scholarships, Lauren Lott and Claudette Ojo. Two additional graduate students, Carl Arrington and Kevin Leavor, received the $5,000 fellowship and Christopher Spells, Jasper Lewis, and Melissa Yesalusky were awarded $5000 in renewed fellowship funds.

Department of Chemistry

Forensic Chemistry Students

Dr. Patricia Hatch, Shawnta Lloyd and
Jeanine Carney work in the John Hopkins
Applied Physics Lab this summer

During the summer Dr. Patricia Hatch, department coordinator for the forensics chemistry concentration, worked with the Department of Homeland Security at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Md. Shawnta Lloyd and Jeanine Carney accompanied Hatch for a six-week program that focused on food security. The purpose of the program is to prevent a large crime or form of terrorism from American foods.

Over the last year the chemistry department has made an effort to enhance the instruments used in organic chemistry. After receiving a $308,000 grant from the National Science Foundation, the department purchased a 400 MHz nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometer. The NMR spectrometer allows students and faculty to study molecular compounds, their structure and how they form. The instrument is a research grade NMR spectrometer and provides students with every capability needed to complete their research.

Department of Physics


Dr. Kenneth McFarlane simulates the LHC with
undergraduates using pipes and a small ball.

On Sept. 10 at 2:30 p.m., the small front room of the Graduate Physics Research Center was filled with faculty and students anticipating the launch of the first beam from the Large Hadron Collider located at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. A total of 13 undergraduate and graduate students and members of the faculty were present for the historic evening. Hampton University has been a part of the ATLAS experiment since 1996, the launching of this first beam was worth the celebration.

School of Pharmacy

Pharmacy White Coat Ceremony

School of Pharmacy Seventh Annual
White Coat Ceremony

The School of Pharmacy held its seventh annual white coat ceremony Sept. 25 in Ogden Hall. The ceremony welcomes the first-year (P1) students into the School of Pharmacy as professional students dedicated to patient care. The event is a tradition in pharmacy education to initiate the process of inculcating professional values and instilling commitment to patient care. During the ceremony, students received their white coats and recited a pledge of professionalism, promising to be compassionate and ethical in the treatment of patients. This year, 66 new P1 students participated.