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SGA's Men's Caucus is Making its Mark

Men's Caucus

The Hampton University Student Government Association’s (SGA) Men’s Caucus kicked off the new year by making the freshman class of Quintessence VIII feel at home. The members gave a helping hand on move-in day, one of the several initiatives that represent the organization’s vision.

As the Class of 2013 makes its way around HU, Men’s Caucus is also starting this year with a new leadership line-up. Jeffrey Eugene, a junior biology major from Savannah, Ga., is the chair of Men’s Caucus. Randall Harris, a junior marketing major from Spotsylvania, Va. is the co-chair, and Kevin Matthews, a sophomore business management major from Tulsa, Okla., is the chief-of-staff.

SGA Week was Sept. 28-Oct. 2. During that time, those interested in joining committees applied and scheduled interviews with current officers. SGA’s Men’s Caucus and Women’s Caucus also held a social mixer on Sept. 30 for new applicants to meet and greet the leaders and members of the organization.

 “We look for people who are dedicated and are really trying to work, and not just be a member of the organization,” said Matthews.

Men’s Caucus is known for empowering young African-American males by increasing awareness about issues in society, encouraging healthy lifestyles, proving the roles of dedication and leadership, as well as being role models to younger men.

“As fellow black men, we want to set a good example to other young men by mentoring and helping those in the community,” said Eugene.

The organization holds events throughout the year, such as State of the Black Man, a forum usually held during Black History Month, that addresses topics and issues surrounding black men in the community. Another event is the Biggest Loser, a competition for students to get physically fit, lose weight and learn how to live healthier. The Man in the Mirror March is another annual event where members gather students from all male dorms to march around campus. The march ends at the Booker T. Washington statue, in which all the male students gather to hear speeches from fellow classmates about recognizing the struggles and accomplishments of black people and how they can make a change. Throughout the school year, the organization also holds different seminars and community initiatives such as mentoring to middle school students.

“We try to teach them what they can achieve in life. Our biggest goal is to uplift the young kids,” said Harris.

A community initiative they are hosting this year for the second time is a charity basketball tournament to help raise funds for Heart Support for America, a non-profit organization that provides aid to people who can not afford healthcare. The winning team receives prize money and the remaining proceeds go to Heart Support for America.

With all the events and activities, Men’s Caucus wants to leave a lasting impression. “Men’s Caucus deserves to be in the spotlight as the premier male organization on campus known for everything we do,” said Harris. “So when we leave here, people are going to talk about Men’s Caucus decades from now.”

“We believe in making an impact on the young kids, but we also believe that being a member in our organization makes you a better person,” said Matthews.

-Mya Singleton