Hampton University
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Innovative Business Professor Wins E. L. Hamm
Sr. Teaching Award

Dr. Sharad Maheshwari received the 2010 Edward L. Hamm Sr. award from HU President Dr. William R. Harvey.

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Dr. Sharad Maheshwari, associate professor in the Hampton University School of Business, was awarded the Edward L. Hamm Sr. Distinguished Teaching Award at the 68th Annual Fall Convocation.

The Edward L. Hamm Sr. Distinguished Teaching Award is granted annually to one or two faculty members that have been nominated by their peers and/or students and are selected by HU President, Dr. William R. Harvey.Those honored extend their teaching beyond the classroom and inspire a zest for learning a commitment to excellence in their students.

“It was an honor and a humbling experience to be recognized in front of my peers,” stated Maheshwari.

Maheshwari has received many accolades for his work in the classroom including the Outstanding Educator Award from the Academy of Educational Leadership at their international meeting. He also received the 2006 Provost Innovation Teaching award for creating a classroom tool to teach students how to automate financial and other calculations in Excel.

In his information technology management and operations management courses, Maheshwari offers his students material that is constantly evolving.

“I never run out of material,” stated Maheshwari. “I always run out of time.”

Maheshwari received his Bachelor of Engineering degree and Master of Engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Technology in Roorkee, India. He received a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of South Florida. He began working at HU in 1991; his teaching style has made him very popular amongst the business students.

“I always try to stick to my lesson plan and follow the same rules that I set for my students,” stated Maheshwari. “Students appreciate that I am never late as I expect them to never be late. They respect that we follow similar rules.”

Like many students Maheshwari was once a student and can relate to the struggle.

“My hardest subject in school were language courses,” stated Maheshwari. “I always did well in science and math, I just struggled with the language.”

- Naima A. Gethers