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Student Chosen by Seventeen Magazine
to Tweet About Her Freshman Year

Paige Delaney

Paige Delaney

Hampton University Freshman Paige Delaney is one of fifteen college students across the country that Seventeen magazine picked to tweet about their first year on campus. The students will offer blog entries and video about happenings at their respective campuses, as well as tips for college-goers.

Other participants are from colleges including, Columbia University, Rice University, University of Pennsylvania, Wesleyan University, Grinnell College and Agnes Scott College.

According to Seventeen, Paige “has big city dreams of one day living in NY or LA as a high profile publicist in the fashion industry. This once shy girl plans on taking college as an opportunity to finally step out, be more outgoing and take risks which will prepare her for a career where it’s all about “who you know.” She loves shopping, reading fashion blogs and tweeting constantly about what's happening in her life.”

You can follow Paige @fresh15paige. Part of a Sept. 9 post from Paige states, “I’m in college. Sometimes it takes saying that to myself a few times for me to actually believe it! I never thought I would be here at Hampton University, all the way in Hampton, Virginia. Especially during that 15-hour car ride, I thought I’d never get here!”

- Leha Byrd