Police Department

Parking Rules & Regulations

Registration of Vehicles

  1. All motor vehicles (automobiles, trucks, motorcycles), owned or operated by students, faculty, or staff must be registered with Traffic Administration Office.
  2. When two or more persons in a family are employed or is a student at the University, each person must register their vehicle separately, paying full amount of the registration fee. Individuals are not permitted to operate vehicles on campus that are not registered in their name.
  3. When employees of the University wish to register an additional vehicle for his/her sole use, they may do so at an additional $20.00 per vehicle.
  4. Employees' dependents who are students must register their vehicles as students.
  5. Lost, stolen, damaged or transfer decals will be replaced for $5.00.
  6. The person to whom a vehicle is registered is responsible for payment of all violation notices issued to that particular vehicle.
  7. All vehicles registered and operated on campus must be properly licensed and inspected for mechanical condition in accordance with the laws of the State in which the vehicle is registered for operation.
  8. Failure to register a vehicle constitutes a violation of these regulations and will result in the vehicle being towed from campus at the owner's expense.
  9. Cost of fines will not be applied toward the payment of registration fees.
  10. Persons found to have been involved with falsification of a vehicle registration will be fined $100.00 and will be subject to additional disciplinary actions.
  11. Enforcement of current decals will begin on the first day of classes for each semester, including summer sessions.