Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)

Teams and Commitees

Steering Committee
This committee serves as an audit committee for the SACS process. It supervises and sets the timeline and policies for the SACS committees and interacts with the Leadership Team and other administrators regarding the needs for the SACS project and monitors the process, ensuring that expected actions are achieved. Mrs. Lynn Stewart serves as an ad hoc member for each sub-committee.

Minutes for Steering Committee

Leadership Team 
This team is comprised of the University President and six other individuals - the Accreditation Liaison, the Senior Vice President, the Provost, the Chief Financial Officer, Assistant Provost for Technology, and the Institutional Assessment Coordinator. The duties of this committee are outlined in the SACS Resource Manual.

Dr. William Harvey, President
Dr. Joyce Jarrett, Provost
Dr. Pollie Murphy, Accreditation Liaison
Mrs. Doretha Spells, Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Spencer Baker, Institutional Assessment Coordinator
Mrs. Teresa Walker, Assistant Provost for Technology

Committee on Core Requirements (2.1 - 2.11)
This committee is responsible for completing the Certificate of Compliance, ensuring that the institution meets established standards regarding governance, institutional mission and effectiveness, educational programs, faculty, learning resources and services, and student support services, and providing documentation in each of these areas.

Dr. Donald Whitney, Chairperson
Dr. John Alewynse
Dr. Cecile Andraos-Selim
Dr. Spencer Baker, Leadership Team Representative
Ms. Barbara Inman
Mr. Darian Mack
Dr. Pollie Murphy, Leadership Team Representative
Mrs. Corrine Ramaley
Dr. Claudia Rankins

Minutes for Committee on Core Requirements

Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)(2.12)
This committee is responsible for drafting the QEP document and ensuring that there is broad-based institutional participation in the identification of the topic or issue to be addressed by the QEP. The committee must also demonstrate that the plan is part of the institution's ongoing planning and evaluation process.

Dr. Carolyn Morgan, Chairperson
Ms. Nellie Crawford
Mrs. Margaret Dismond Martin
Mr. Frank Edgcombe
Dr. Simone Heyliger
Dr. Barbara Inman
Mr. Darrian Mack

Mr. Francis McDonald
Mrs. Yuri Milligan
Dr. Pollie Murphy, Leadership Team Representative
Dr. Anne Pierce
Dr. Sonja Pollard-Mitchell
Ms. Lynn Stewart
Ms. Mildred Swann
Mrs. Teresa Walker, Leadership Team Representative

Minutes for Quality Enhancement Plan

Committee on the Institutional Mission, Governance and Effectiveness and Federal Regulations (3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 4.0, 4.1-4.8)
This committee is responsible for ensuring that operations of all components of the institution are consistent with its mission, including administrative qualifications and functions, and the relationship between the institution and other related units. The committee also identifies the expected outcome of the institution's educational programs and its administrative and educational support services, assesses whether it achieves these outcomes, and provides evidence of improvement based upon analysis of those results. Finally, this committee will evaluate the institution's success with respect to student achievement in relation to its mission and demonstrate institutional compliance with the requirements of Title IV and other federally mandated programs.

Mrs. Margaret Dismond Martin, Chairperson
Dr. Ates Arkyurtlu
Ms. Shonda Buchanan
Ms. Sharon Gates 
Dr. Kanata Jackson

Minutes for Committee on the Institutional Mission, Governance and Effectiveness and Federal Regulations

Committee on Educational Programs (3.4 - 3.9)
This committee is responsible for demonstrating the university's compliance with all areas related to the awarding of degrees, demonstrating the foundation and competency of faculty members, verifying that the institution has adequate library facilities and learning resources, and confirming that the institution publishes clear and appropriate statements of student rights and responsibilities.

Dr. Bertha Davis, Chairperson
Dr. Charles Bump
Ms. Shannon Chance
Dr. Martha E. Dawson
Dr. Constance Hendricks
Dr. Joyce Jarrett, Leadership Team Representative
Dr. Ava Marrow 
Dr. Zina McGee
Mr. Stephen Wesley

Minutes for Committee on Educational Programs

Committee on Financial and Physical Resources (3.10)
This committee is responsible for demonstrating that the institution's recent financial history represents financial stability. The committee must also utilize documents and multiple measures for determining the financial health of the institution. The committee must also demonstrate that the institution operates and maintains physical facilities that are adequate to serve the needs of its educational programs, support services, and other mission-related activities.

Dr. Cynthia Sellers, Chairperson
Mr. Frank Edgcombe
Dr. Hugh McLean
Mr. John Murray 
Dr. Sonja Pollard-Mitchell
Dr. Jerrold Roy
Dr. Eric Sheppard
Mrs. Doretha Spells, Leadership Team Representative

Compliance Certification Team 
This committee is responsible for developing the combined Compliance Certification Document for the Leadership Team.

Dr. Pamela Hammond , Coordinator
Dr. Bertha Davis
Mrs. Margaret Dismond Martinn
Dr. Cynthia Sellers
Dr. Donald Whitney