Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)

SACS Timeline for 2008 Reaffirmation Track B

Orientation of Leadership Teams June 12, 2008
Staff Consultant Visit (by invitation)
or Conference Call conducted
Mutually determined date
Advisory Visit March or April 2007
Compliance Certification due September 10, 2007
Off-Site Committee meets November 5-8, 2007
Submission of name of individual confirmed to serve as lead QEP Reviewer No later than eight (8) weeks prior to on-site review
Quality Enhancement Plan Due (and Focused Report - optional) Six (6) weeks in advance of on-site visit
On-Site Committee review conducted(Will send roster of Review Team prior to visit) January 22-April 18, 2008(HU Visit - April 16, 2008)
Review by Commision on Colleges December 5-9, 2008
After Site Visit, COC Staff will contact his institutions (will also talk about QEP Evaluator) November 19-21, 2008
Submission of QEP 2-page draft summary Spring 2007
Focused Report/QEP due Six (6) weeks prior to on-site visit, 2008
Lead Evaluator selected Eight (8) weeks prior to visit
*Contact Lead Evaluators - Screen for Conflict of Interest, Provide justification for his/her selection. SACS will extend the invitation; institutions select 1 evaluator, SACS will select 1 evaluator (a sitting President); institution should have an alternate in mind.
On-Site Visit April 16, 2008
(Two weeks after the visit, a report will be sent to the President regarding "errors in fact." Institution will have 4-5 months to address recommendations, if any.)
Response to Site Visit Recommendations 4-5 months following site visit (September or October 2008)
COC reviews and makes decisions (COC staff will call institution with results of the review) December 2008
Official Letter is sent to Institution January 2009