Dean of Judicial Affairs and Housing

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Office of the Dean of Judicial Affairs and Housing
P. O. Box 6113
Hampton University
Hampton, Virginia 23668

Dean of Judicial Affairs and Housing
Woodson H. Hopewell, Jr.

Along with the Dean of Residence Life, the Dean of Judicial Affairs and Housing is charged with the overall responsibility for the Men’s and Women’s Divisions in Student Affairs. The primary focus is housing and the residence life program for on campus living and learning. This includes teaching, training, providing guidance and some counseling for all students at the university, with principle attention given to students living on campus.

The Deans are responsible for the programs in student development for the women’s and men’s divisions. The Deans jointly share in administering the program in discipline and behavioral intervention, with emphasis on assisting students as they become acclimated to acceptable standards of student conduct and University community interaction. The Deans provide leadership in planning, establishing and operating the residence hall housing programs for all students. The Deans manage all aspects of the operational budgets of their respective divisions, in support of the overall student life program. The Deans are required to provide leadership and supervision for residential, graduate and office staff, student resident assistants and a cadre of volunteers in several capacities. The Deans serve as members of the Student Development Leadership Team (SDLT) of student affairs directors, serve on committees, supervise and provide team leadership for special projects and assist with university-wide activities, such as registration, formal academic occasions, conference utilization of residential facilities and other tasks as directed by the President, the Vice President for Student Affairs and the Provost.