Majestic Dance Troupe

The Majestic Dance Troupe has been in existence since 1992. It consists of a group of wonderfully talented young men and women of Hampton University. The Majestic Dance Troupe is featured in pageants, fashion shows, and other events hosted by the fraternities, sororities, and social clubs on Hampton University’s campus.

The Majestic Dance Troupe differs from other dance groups on campus because of our specialization in hip hop dance. Majestic is the first and only hip hop dance group on Hampton University’s campus. Although many of our members are trained in the areas of dance such as ballet, tap, jazz, point, and African dance, hip hop is our area expertise. Our style and movements are intricate and encompass our eclectic training in African and Modern dances. The students at HU not only enjoy Majestic performances, but also embrace them as a part of their Black experience at Hampton University.

The tryout process consists of completing an application and performing a dance routine taught by Majestic members. The most qualified applicants will be selected by the captains as new members of the Majestic Dance Troupe. All members are academically, medically and socially cleared.

As a Historically Black University, the Majestic Dance Troupe add to the history of African-American music, dance, and creative genius that flourishes on Hampton’s campus. African-Americans are pioneers of music and dance and and the creation of hip hop is an African-American expression. Majestic represents talented African-American students who are the new pioneers of artistic expression. These expressions enrich black culture on the campus of Hampton University. Through the art of dance, Majestic pay homage to an artistic past, while mastering a black artistic expression through hip hop.

President: Sha`Ron Martin