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Joining the Hampton Family is an honor and requires each individual to uphold the policies, regulations, and guidelines established for students, faculty, administration, professional and other employees, and the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Each member is required to adhere to and conform to the instructions and guidance of the leadership of his/her respective area. Therefore, the following are expected of each member of the Hampton Family:

1. To respect himself or herself.

Each member of the Hampton Family will exhibit a high degree of maturity and self-respect and foster an appreciation for other cultures, one's own cultural background, as well as the cultural matrix from which Hampton University was born. It is only through these appreciations that the future of our university can be sustained indefinitely.

2. To respect the dignity, feelings, worth, and values of others.

Each member of the Hampton Family will respect one another and visitors as if they were guests in one's home. Therefore, to accost, cajole, or proselytize students, faculty or staff, parents or others, to engage in gender and sexual harassment, use vile, obscene or abusive language or exhibit lewd behavior, to possess weapons such as knives or firearms, or to be involved in the possession, use, distribution of and sale of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited and is in direct violation of the Hampton University Code, on or off campus.

3. To respect the rights and property of others and to discourage vandalism and theft.

Each member of the Hampton Family will refrain from illegal activity, both on and off campus, and will be subject to all applicable provisions listed in the Faculty Handbook, Personnel Policies Manual for Administrative/Professional and Nonexempt Employees, the Official Student Handbook, and the Hampton University Code.

4. To prohibit discrimination, while striving to learn from differences in people, ideas, and opinions.

Each member of the Hampton Family will support equal rights and opportunities for all regardless of age, sex, race, religion, disability, ethnic heritage, socio-economic status, political, social, or other affiliation or disaffiliation, or sexual preference.

5. To practice personal, professional, and academic integrity, and to discourage all forms of dishonesty, plagiarism, deceit, and disloyalty to the Code of Conduct.

Personal, professional, and academic integrity is paramount to the survival and potential of the Hampton Family. Therefore, individuals found in violation of Hampton University's policies against lying, cheating, plagiarism, or stealing are subject to disciplinary action which could possibly include dismissal from the University.

6. To foster a personal professional work ethic within the Hampton University Family.

Each employee and student of the Hampton Family must strive for efficiency and job perfection. Each employee must exhibit a commitment to serve and job tasks must be executed in a humane and civil manner.

7. To foster an open, fair, and caring environment.

Each member of the Hampton Family is assured equal and fair treatment on the adjudication of all matters. In addition, it is understood that intellectual stimulation is nurtured through the sharing of ideas. Therefore, the University will maintain an open and caring environment.

8. To be fully responsible for upholding the Hampton University Code.

Each member of the Hampton Family will embrace all tenets of the Code and is encouraged to report all code violators.

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