Career Counseling and Planning Center

E-Recruiting System

The Recruitment Department is responsible for coordinating and scheduling on-campus interviews, corporate information sessions, on-line eRecruiting registration for students and employers, and creates events calendar. The department processes registration for career fairs, publishes the profile booklet for two career fairs, the graduate school day, and processes all funds for submission to the Treasurer's office and gifts to the Office of Development.

Recruiters/Student On-line Recruitment and Registration System: The Career Counseling and Planning Center requires that students and alumni register with the Center before posting their resumes on eRecruiting. To register, have your resume approved by a staff member; receive your username and password; and up-load your resume to the eRecruiting System. Employers may go to the System and view resumes by major. You may be offered a job or internship on-line.

All recruiting and interviewing schedules will be presented on-line and students will be able to sign-up via computer access using an assigned password and user name. Students' resumes are maintained on file in the Career Center.

e-Recruiting system for students and alumni

e-Recruiting system for employers