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HU Gets $300,000 Grant to Boost Services, Advocacy Against Domestic Violence

The Hampton University Student Counseling Center was recently awarded a $300,000 grant from the Office of Violence Against Women. The funding was provided by the Grants to Reduce Domestic Violence, Dating, Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking on Campus Program. The projects are designed to enhance victim services, implement prevention and education programs, and other elements of eliminating dangers associated with campus violence.

"We are honored by this opportunity to educate and influence our students to understand fully the nature and dimensions of violence against women; the differences among healthy, unhealthy and criminally violent relationships; the nature of true consent to sexual engagement at every stage of the encounter, including how to ask for, give or not give, and appropriately accept the decision," said Dr. Linda Kirkland-Harris, the Student Counseling Center director and project director.

HU has been proactive in similar campus efforts, including a "Red Flag Campaign" event hosted by the University Title IX office Oct. 16. The event was designed to help students identify warning signs of potentially abusive relationships. Title IX Coordinator Sonja Vega is this project's co-director.

As part of this project, the required target population each year is new, first year and transfer students; however, there will be campus-wide education and prevention outreach. Ten Student Peer Advocates will play key roles in the outreach efforts, Kirkland-Harris said. Two community partners, the Center for Sexual Assault Survivors and Transitions Family Violence Services, will provide both primary and secondary prevention services in the forms of campus-wide education programming and direct service to victim survivors.

Administrators said the grant will also help the less obvious victims of sexual assault and violence.

"Although it is a grant on behalf of women's safety, we know that men also are victims and survivors of sexual assault and intimate partner violence and stalking, and hope that our efforts will produce a secondary benefit for them as well," Kirkland-Harris said.

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