Student Counseling Center

Welcome to the Hampton University Student Counseling Center

Welcome, class of 2018! We have prepared a few helpful hints for you in the "Resources" link: " Let's Just Agree to Agree."

The Student Counseling Center provides individual counseling to currently enrolled Hampton University Students. The usual topics of concern include managing normal developmental crises connected to adjusting to university life; stress and anger; anxiety; depression; and relationship conflicts with family, peers, partners, and faculty. It also offers friends, roommates and couples counseling. There are four psycho-educational group opportunities as well: stress management, readiness for change, alcohol and drug education, and anger management. Referrals to clinicians and area hospitals are provided as needed. We also receive referrals from friends, faculty, staff and parents. In addition to providing counseling, our staff reaches out to the campus through residence hall chats, classroom presentations and campus-wide education, prevention and social events.

The Counseling Center also has student groups and organizations attached to it. The Peer Counselor Organization is an official University organization that operates during the academic year. Summer Peer Helpers work with Pre-college/Summer Bridge students. Read about these groups through the "Peer Support Programs" menu option.

Cost of Services

Services are provided FREE OF CHARGE; however, Hampton University's student or private health insurance is necessary for emergency hospitalization and/or off-campus specialists.


Appointments are made by phone and in-person. Walk-in service is provided on an as needed basis and dependent upon availability of staff. When scheduling an appointment, background information is obtained and an appointment is scheduled as soon as possible during students' free (non-class) time. Hours of operation are 8:00am – 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. Counseling is conducted from 9:00am – 4:00pm. After-hours service for emergencies is provided by the counselor on-call, and accessed through the HU Police Department at 757-727-5666.


Counseling services and records are confidential. We neither confirm nor disconfirm any student's client status, and records are kept under lock and key and are not shared with others. After seven (7) years, they are shredded. Disclosures to third parties, including parents and legal guardians are made only with students' specific written consent. Confidentiality may be broken without written consent for the safety of the student and others when there is a likelihood of life-threatening harm to self or others, disclosure of child or elder abuse, loss of the ability to provide self-care or court order, or the student is under the age of 18. Although employees of the University are required by Title IX to report disclosures of sexual harassment, assault and/or rape, the Counseling Center is exempt from the requirement – confidentiality is maintained. If the disclosure were to include threats of harm to self or others, child or elder abuse, confidentiality could be broken.

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