Student Counseling Center


Mental Health Counseling Overview

All counseling and consultation services provided by the Student Counseling Center are free to currently enrolled students who present a valid Hampton University Student ID card. In addition to the Monday - Friday appointments available from 9:00 a.m. through 4:00p.m., Counselors are accessible for after-hours emergencies by calling the Hampton University Police Department at 757-727-5666.

In the event that psychiatric hospitalization is indicated, the Hampton/Newport News Community Services Board may be contacted to assist us. To the fullest extent possible, we accompany the student in order to help provide the most complete intake information possible. It also promotes communication and discharge planning.

Referrals to off-campus counseling or therapy are made when indicated and/or requested. These typically require private health insurance or the ability to pay out of pocket.

A faculty and staff referral form on behalf of students of concern is available for download below and at the University Website in Faculty/Staff Forms. It is best completed with the participation of the student being referred, but can be done separately. The completed form should be sent to us via confidential envelope or fax (757-637-2375), but not by email, as it is considered not secure for confidential information. Counselors neither initiate nor respond to emails about students via email. We do engage by phone and face to face.

When parents call to express concerns about their sons and daughters, we listen carefully and may provide general information. We do not, however, discuss or even acknowledge particular students unless they have signed a consent to release information. We typically make contact with students to let them know that a concern has been raised, and invite them to come in to see us. Whether they accept the invitation is their prerogative.

Download the Student Referral Form for Faculty and Staff »
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