Exit LOAN Counseling

Entrance Loan Counseling is required for all students who are borrowing federal student loans

Please be advised that your loan disbursements will be held until we receive official notification from the U.S. Department of Education that you have completed this process.

Exit Loan Counseling is required for all students who are either graduating or withdrawing from the University.

Below are the links based on your classification in which you may access an Online Exit Loan Couseling session.

Please be sure to print the confirmation page at the end of your session.

Be sure to review your communique for Exit Counseling deadline dates specific to when you are graduating: www.hamptonu.edu/studentservices/registrar/graduation.htm

Verification of completion of Exit Counseling is uploaded into our system weekly.

Stafford and/or Grad PLUS Entrance Counseling

Current & Accelerated Education Program Student Exit Loan Counseling

Graduate & Professional Student Exit Loan Counseling

Grad PLUS Exit Loan Counseling