Director's Letter

An Important Message from the Director!

Welcome to the Hampton University Office of Financial Aid Website!

In today's uncertain economy, the price of a college education can be one of the most expensive endeavors that most students and/or families will ever undertake. As director, my ongoing challenge is to try to provide as much insight and clarification via our website to those in need of financial aid. Applying for financial aid is a very important process. My aim is to enhance your understanding of our financial aid programs, including our delivery process. Because the consequences of not knowing what is important can have unintended results. On our website, I cannot overstate the importance of the need for you to read each adjoining link very thoroughly.

It is important to note that you should complete/submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online, each January, so that we can receive your results via the federal processor, by our priority processing date, which is, February 15th. It is very important that you understand that financial aid is only a supplement; guidelines and restrictions on federal and state funding (if applicable) do not allow us to cover (100% in grant funding) of your college expenses, without receiving some assistance from the household, including but not limited to, borrowing loans from the federal and private sources.

It is also important that you adhere to all established deadline dates listed on our website. It is really important that you meet our satisfactory academic progress policy. And, in cases where we need additional information, you must provide complete and accurate documentation within the requested timeframe.

It is extremely important that you continually search for scholarships throughout your tenure at Hampton University. As important, you should always come prepared to pay for your books, supplies and rent (off-campus); because financial aid will not disburse until after the late registration periods. It is critically important that you check your financial aid status with your financial aid advisor, periodically, but especially prior to the winter or summer breaks.

Most importantly, the financial aid staff is ready to serve you each and every time you need us.

With all good wishes,

Martin Miles
Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships