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HU Parents and students who have been recently approved for Federal Direct Loans from the US Department of Education please be advised that your loan status will be accurately reflected in your August billing statement. Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

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The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships preferred method of communication is through our website; therefore, please feel free to contact us by using our web based contact form.

Please keep in mind that you are responsible for reading all adjoining links on our web pages.


2013-2014 Verification Process

Students who are selected for verification by the Department of Education will be placed in one of the five following groups: (V1, V2, V3, V4 and V5) the group determines which FAFSA information must be verified for the student.

Based on the Verification Tracking group in which you are assessed, which is located on your Student Aid Report (SAR) which is emailed to you by the Department of Education (DOE) once your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) has been processed, the following sections would need to be completed based on which flag you are grouped.

Completion of Section A & B are REQUIRED in addition to the following:
Tracking Flag
Verification Worksheet
Verification Worksheet
V1 Section C, D & H Section C & G
V2 Section E & H Section D & G
V3 Section F & H Section E & G
V4 Section E, F, G & H Section D, E, F & G
V5 Section C, D, G & H Section C, F & G

Please be sure that you check your Financial Aid status to ensure that there does not exist any outstanding requirements which may hinder your Spring financial clearance process. You may check your status online at:

Required Forms can be downloaded at:

Also, please be advised that Spring semester awarding occurs on a rolling-basis, based on timely completion of the FAFSA and any necessary eligibility requirements.

You may also visit our Important Dates page, located under General Information regarding financial aid disbursement dates.

Please be aware that there have been recent changes in the law that affects the Federal Pell Grant award for the 2012-2013 school year and beyond. The change limits the total number of years a student may receive a Pell Grant to the equivalent of six years.

For information on how the Department of Education calculates the "equivalent of six years" click on the following link:

With regard to attaining Satisfactory Academic Progress, please note that repeat coursework is counted toward the cumulative hours attempted the first time the course(s) are taken. Therefore, if a course is dropped and then repeated, the hours earned the second time DO NOT count towards the minimum hours required in order to attain satisfactory academic progress.

For additional information, please click the following link: Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

The best way to verify income is by using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool that is part of FAFSA on the Web. If the student has not already used the tool, go to, log in to the student's FAFSA record, select "Make FAFSA Corrections," and navigate to the Financial Information section of the form. From there, follow the instructions to determine if the student is eligible to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool to transfer 2013 IRS income tax information into the student's FAFSA. It takes up to two weeks for IRS income information to be available for the IRS Data Retrieval Tool for electronic IRS tax return filers, and up to eight weeks for paper IRS tax return filers.

If the student is unable or chooses not to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool in FAFSA on the Web, then the student will need to submit to the school a 2013 IRS tax return transcript — not a photocopy of the income tax return. To obtain an IRS tax return transcript, go to and click on the "Order a Return or Account Transcript" link, or call 1-800-908-9946. Make sure to request the "IRS tax return transcript" and not the "IRS tax account transcript." You will need your Social Security Number, date of birth, and the address on file with the IRS (normally this will be the address used when the 2013 IRS tax return was filed). It takes up to two weeks for IRS income information to be available for electronic IRS tax return filers, and up to eight weeks for paper IRS tax return filers.

If selected, a student may be required to provide one of the following documents that indicate the student's high school completion status when the student begins college in the 2013-2014 academic year:

  • A copy of the student's high school diploma
  • A copy of the student's final official high school transcript that shows the date when the diploma was awarded
  • A copy of the student's General Educational Development (GED) certificate or GED transcript
  • An academic transcript that indicates the student successfully completed at least a two-year program that is acceptable for full credit toward a bachelor's degree
  • If State law requires a homeschooled student to obtain a secondary school completion credential for home school (other than a high school diploma or its recognized equivalent), a copy of that credential
  • If State law does not require a homeschooled student to obtain a secondary school completion credential for home school (other than a high school diploma or its recognized equivalent), a transcript or the equivalent, signed by the student's parent or guardian, that lists the secondary school courses the student completed and documents the successful completion of a secondary school education in a home school setting
Direct Loan Origination Fee Percentages Changes
For any loan disbursement for a loan where the first disbursement is/will be … The origination fee percentage for Direct Subsidized and Direct Unsubsidized Loans is… The origination fee percentage for Direct PLUS is…
Before 7/1/13 1.000% 4.000%
On or after 7/1/13 and before 12/1/13 1.051% 4.204%
On or after 12/1/13 and before 10/1/14 1.072% 4.288%
On or after 10/1/2014
and before 10/1/2015
1.073% 4.292%

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PLUS Loan Applicant Communication

Recently, the U.S. Department of Education sent emails or letters to certain Direct PLUS Loan applicants who have been denied a PLUS loan due to adverse credit history. The email or letter, which is in addition to the standard denial communication, is sent to applicants who could most likely be approved if they request reconsideration of the initial PLUS loan denial. If you have received this communication, you should contact the Student Loan Support Center at 1-800-557-7394 to request to request reconsideration. The applicant (not the Financial Aid Office or the child of the parent applicant) should contact Student Loan Support Center to request reconsideration as soon as possible. Generally, this process can be completed in just a few minutes. Please bear in mind that the Financial Aid Office cannot guarantee that your reconsideration request will result in an approval for the PLUS loan.

Be sure to complete your 2014 - 2015 FAFSA online as soon after January 1st as possible. HAMPTON UNIVERSITY’S PRIORITY FILING DATE IS February 15th. Hampton University's school code is 003714. Please be sure to review all email correspondence from the Department of Education regarding the processing of your FAFSA.

Funding Your Education -
The Guide to Federal Student Aid

If you completed a FAFSA on or after May 1st, you are considered a LATE APPLICANT; in that, the Office of Financial Aid cannot guarantee determination of eligibility by payment due date. Please contact the Office of Student Accounts to determine the monetary amount needed for financial clearance.

ATTENTION: All domiciled VA Residents can apply for the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant (VTAG)

Returning Student Financial Aid processing will begin June 1st. If you do not see your financial aid award on-line by July 15th, and you have NO outstanding requirements, please use our contact form to correspond with a Financial Aid Advisor.

PARENT PLUS LOAN applicants, please be sure that you have both accepted the PLUS Loan on HUNet; as well as, completing the credit check and master promissory note (MPN) at: Additional information can be found under Direct Loan News under the General Information tab.


Tuition $ 19,548
Comprehensive Fee $ 2,212
Room Charge $ 5,040
Board Charge $ 4,652
Technology Fee $ 250
Billable Charges $ 31,702

Additional estimated expenses include, books, supplies, transportation and other personal expenses that are determined by lifestyle and other cost-saving avenues.

Please review the Important Dates tab on our menu. Be advised that all awards and disbursements are based on a student maintaining Full-Time enrollment. Therefore, if you are not maintaining Full-Time enrollment your award(s) maybe reduced or cancelled.

Disclosure Statement: Reporting of all instances of Expected Aid from Outside Sources

Please be aware that Federal Student Aid Guidelines require schools to include various types of aid, as part of the student’s estimated financial assistance when packaging his/her financial aid award. All categories of students are required to report all instances of expected aid to the Financial Aid Office. Failure to do so could result in the reduction, retraction or even cancellation of the student’s financial aid award, possibly leaving the student with a balance owed to the University. The list provided below, should not be construed as all inclusive:

Waivers of Tuition and Fees; Fellowships or assistantships; Veteran Educational Benefits’ Stipends; National Service Education Awards; Insurance programs for student’s education; scholarship; any educational benefits paid because of enrollment in post secondary education; Chapter 1607 Reap Benefits, ROTC living allowances, net income from Need-based Employment; Americorps funds, Designated State Aid; Designated Aid paid on the student's behalf; Scholarships, etc.

Planning Tools and Resources

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Selection Process

FAFSAs are selected for verification either by the U.S. Department of Education’s Central Processing System (CPS) or by the school.

The CPS selects applicants either randomly or by choosing applications that do not meet a series of federal edits. These edits are not published by the Department of Education to the public.

The law also permits the school to select applicants based on the above reasons, as well as, to verify accuracy of data or resolve conflicting data that it believes is incorrect or discrepant. As important, a school may request additional documentation if information does not match FAFSA.

Notification of Selection

The CPS notifies students selected for verification by sending email correspondence to the email address provided on the FAFSA. In addition, students are required to monitor their financial status via HUNET account, by using their password and student ID.

For your convenience, the site address is listed below:

Select: HUNet Administrative Services > Enter Secure Site > Financial Aid > Eligibility > Student Requirements > Select Aid Year > Submit

Required forms are also accessible from our financial aid website at:

The student is given seven days to respond to this request for information. Failure to respond within this time period could have an adverse effect (in some cases) depending on the student’s eligibility for certain types of financial aid awards.

What You Need to Know

In an effort to save you time with the processing of your verification documents, we like to recommend some important Tidbits:

  1. Respond timely to request for information;
  2. Make certain that documents and appropriate worksheets are properly signed;
  3. Electronic signatures authorizations for tax returns are not allowed;
  4. Read your SAR thoroughly;
  5. If you have filed for an extension with the IRS, you will need to provide us with a copy of Form 4506-T;
  6. If an extension is granted by the IRS, you will need to submit IRS Form 4868 or a copy of the IRS approval or extension beyond the automatic six-month extension; this form may be obtained online at or by phone at 1-800-829-1040.
  7. Tax transcripts or alternative documentation must be submitted within the appropriate deadlines established by the Financial Aid Office;
  8. If documentation is not received, students are ineligible for Title-IV funds and are required to repay any disbursed aid; and
  9. In some cases, students could be selected for verification after awarding and disbursements. Should this occur, the student is responsible for any overpayment (for certain Title-IV programs) received as a result of verification.
  10. Please do not send us your original documents.

Completing Verification

Once we have received and reviewed for accuracy all the requested items for the verification process, the student will receive notification that his/her award package is available to view and/or accept online.

If a student has not received any correspondence from our office within 14 business days from the receipt date of all requirements satisfied (as displayed on HUNet), please send us a message using our contact form.

Please direct all questions and inquiries to your assigned Financial Aid Advisor, as posted on the Financial Aid Office website.


Academically Dismissed/Suspended Students who are reinstated to return to the University MUST attend one semester and complete a minimum of 12 credit hours and earn a minimum semester grade point average of 2.0, while also maintaining a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 if they attempted 48 hours or more at Hampton University, before being able to submit a financial aid appeal for aid for the subsequent semester. Thereafter, the student must also complete a minimum of 12 credit hours and earn a minimum semester grade point average of 2.0 each semester, in order to remain eligible for financial aid programs.

NOTE: Part-time students who have been academically suspended and are allowed to return to the University, must attend one semester and complete a minimum of six (6) credit hours and earn a minimum semester grade point average of 2.0 before being reinstated to the financial aid programs. The student must also complete all hours attempted and earn a minimum semester grade point average of 2.0 each semester thereafter, in order to remain eligible in all financial aid programs.


The Perkins Loan is a federal campus-based student loan which may be offered to On-time, Pell grant eligible students based on the availability of funds.

Students must be enrolled in a full-time status to receive Perkins Loan monies. This loan is serviced by Hampton University.

If a Perkins loan is offered in a student's financial aid award package and then accepted, all NEW Perkins loan borrowers, are required to complete a Perkins Promissory Note and Perkins Loan Entrance Counseling online at:

Returning awardees must also access the website above to complete a Truth-In-Lending form each year he/she is awarded the loan.

Questions regarding online access for these processes can be directed to the Collections Office at 757-727-5610.


  • To accept your award online:
    • Click - HUNet Administrative Services
    • Enter Secure Site - Login
    • Click - Financial Aid
    • Click - Award
    • Click - Award for Aid Year
    • Select: Financial Aid Award Year 2014-2015
    • You MUST VIEW an READ ALL tabs: Award Overview, Resources/Additional Information
    • You are REQUIRED to READ and ACCEPT the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy; as well as, the Outside Sources of Aid Disclosure before you will be allowed to access the Accept Award Offer tab.