Department of Freshman Studies

The Freshman Studies Department is dedicated to providing a comprehensive core of support services that will influence academic achievement and retention. The department is committed to providing meaningful, coherent and fulfilling experiences to increase the retention rate of its students by facilitating activities such as, New Student Orientation Week, the University 101 program, the Spring semester seminar series and many other activities. We are an information and referral source. In achieving its mission and adhering to the University's mission, the Freshman Studies offers programs and opportunities for academic, social and personal growth.

Ongoing Orientation/Hampton Values
and Traditions University 101 Program

Entering freshmen and transfer students are required to participate in an intensive orientation program one week before the beginning of classes. The primary goal of the orientation program is to assist new students in the transition from high school or from another institution of higher learning to Hampton University. Through a program of structured activities, students learn about the University and the University becomes more aware of and responsive to the needs of its new students. There is a deliberate accent on Hampton's values and traditions so that all new students will embrace Hampton's rich heritage and perpetuate its legacy.

New Student Orientation Welcome and Move-in Gallery

Following the "New Student Orientation Week," ongoing orientation is continued with the University 101 Program. Hampton University introduced University 101-The Individual and Life Program in 1989. It is a required orientation course designed to improve the quality of the freshman year experience. This course is designed to provide freshmen with a common core of experiences in order to facilitate their transition to the college environment. This year University 101 major specific has been implemented .This course will cover the same information as the traditional University 101 Course, however it will be taught from a major specific perspective with efforts to improve moral throughout the University Community and to improve student retention. The Department of Freshman Studies is committed to discovering creative ways to make sure our current and future students embrace Hampton's rich heritage and perpetuate its legacy.

Topics for the course are currently: Hampton University: Its History, Legacy and Future, African-American Art, and The Art of Living in the 21st Century, Hampton University's Dress Code, Test Anxiety, The Hampton University's Alma Mater: A Song of Service and Loyalty, Time Management, Study Skills, Relationships, "Living to see the Future", Career Development, Research Development and Personal Finance. All new freshman and transfer students transferring less than 30 credit hours are required to take this course during the first semester.

Successful Student Seminar Series

Each semester, students may attend a series of seminars addressing writing skills, time management, mathematic skills and techniques, and test taking skills. In addition, the department delivers a series of seminars for all undecided majors.

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