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Successful Study Strategies

Rose Petals in Class

Rose Petals in Class

  • Practice patience with the learning process and your progress. Learning takes times. In order to be successful, each student must learn how long it takes them to learn material and allow adequate time for this learning to take place..
  • Use multiple methods for learning since we learn through repetition. However, that doesn’t mean that we need to study in only one way. You can learn best by using a variety of strategies, to include: reviewing notes, making flashcards, completing homework problems, outlining chapters in the textbooks, tutoring or study groups.
  • Think about what is learned from the “big picture” perspective. It is important to learn not only the facts, but to understand how these facts fit into the bigger picture. How do the facts you are learning apply to the chapter?
  • Connect class work to long-range goals. Some students love to learn for the sake of learning, but many others need to believe that what they are doing in class has a purpose for the future. If you are one of those students in this latter group, try to apply what you learn in class to practical situations in your daily life.
  • Become active and involved in learning. Making a learning situation active requires that you actually process what you are hearing or reading. Put it into your own words to make the material meaningful to you.
  • Identify your preferred learning style; different people learn differently. Dunn’s classification of learning styles is visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile. For more information on your style, contact your ETS counselor.
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