Student Support Services - S3EA Protocol

The Student Support Services Early Alert (S3EA) Protocol is one way we partner with our outstanding University faculty and staff to increase retention and graduation rates among our program participants. Beginning Fall 2013, the S3EA Protocol will enable us to identify academic, financial, or social impediments to optimal student achievement and implement targeted interventions catered to each student's particular strengths.

How the Program Works:

  • When students earn a grade below a "C" on course material worth more than 10% of the semester grade, faculty can use the SEA Referral Form to quickly alert Student Support Services staff.
  • The Tutor Coordinator will then determine if the student needs help improving their writing, reading, or computational skills.
  • The Student Development Advisor will assess if the student is not meeting course requirements due to excessive absences or missing assignments, lack of participation or interest, difficulty comprehending instruction, low quiz or text scores, or lack of text books or course materials.
  • Staff will provide the needed services or make referrals to the appropriate university resources, as needed.
Student Support Services

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