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Harvey Library maintains a microform collection on the 2nd floor.

Microforms include printed or graphic material that is reproduced, photographically, in miniaturized form, and includes both microfilm (on 35mm film reels) and microfiche (a photographic sheet which can store 98 pages of an original on a 4”x6” sheet of film).

Harvey Library’s collection includes: the New York Times from 1851, the Daily Press from 1888, the ERIC collection (a 400,000+ collection of educational reports), and the library’s collection of many magazines and journals from the 1980’s and 1990’s. There are also a number of Government Documents on microfiche.

Materials cannot be removed from the 2nd Floor. Reader/printers in the department allow patrons to read and print from microforms, and scanners will allow microforms to be printed, saved, or emailed.

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