Summer Session Fees

*Continuing HU students need not apply for summer school. Pre-registration or site registration is available. If you were out one semester or more or have been dismissed you must fill out a summer application.

All Summer Session fees change annually
*Application fee to accompany application for admission not refundable $50.00
Tuition fee per credit hour $430.00
Comprehensive fee $200.00
Late registration $50.00
Auditing per course (per credit) $430.00
Special Examination fee $ 10.00
Master's Thesis binding $ 65.00
Doctoral Dissertation binding $ 85.00
Pre-College / Summer Bridge $2,400.00
Telephone Access fee $15.00
Voicemail $15.00
Cable fee $30.00

Summer Session

Classes may be audited for a fee equal to one credit hour.

Before registering for the Summer Session, continuing students must pay the balance from previous enrollment. Visiting students must fill out an application before paying fees.

All fees, including charges for room and board, are due and payable prior to or on registration day (Pre-registered students must pay fees by May 2, 2022, in order to reserve enrollment in summer courses.  If fees are not paid by the due date classes will be dropped and site registration will be required).

Fee payments must be made via:

  1. Cash
  2. Cashier's check or Certified check
  3. Master Card, Visa, American Express or Discover

Do not mail currency or personal checks. No personal checks will be accepted. All drafts should be made payable to Hampton University.


Note: Total cost for five-week Pre-College Summer Session is $2,400.00. This amount covers registration, tuition, fees, room and board. This fee does NOT include cost of textbooks. A deposit of $500 must accompany the Pre-College Intent Form. The $500 of the $2,400 fee for Pre-College is considered an advanced deposit and is NOT REFUNDABLE.


Students who withdraw after the second scheduled class meeting are not entitled to a refund of tuition.

Any student withdrawing from the dormitory with the approval of the Dean of Judicial Affairs and Housing or Dean of Residence Life may have the unused portion of the amount charged for meals refunded on the weekly cost. There will be no refund on the amount charged for the room.

Room and Board

Residential and off-campus students may purchase meal tickets for daily dining in the Virginia Cleveland student cafeteria. For students requiring housing, space will be reserved upon admission to the Summer Session, provided the student is carrying a study program of three or four semester hours of credit for a four-week session, or a minimum of six semester hours for the six-week session. Rooms in the college residence halls will be available for occupancy on the day of registration upon payment of fees for the session you wish to attend. This application is required to reserve a room during the Summer Session.

2022 Living Expenses - College Residence Halls Room and Board

All on-campus students are required to eat their meals in the University Cafeteria. Meal tickets will be issued on the day of registration.

The following fees change annually:

Room with two occupants
- Room & Board (each person)
1 week $476 2 weeks $952 3 weeks $1,428 4 weeks $1,904 5 weeks $2,380 6 weeks $2,856 7 weeks $3,332 8 weeks $3,808
Room with one occupant
- Room & Board
1 week $717 2 weeks $1,434 3 weeks $2,151 4 weeks $2,868 5 weeks $3,585 6 weeks $4,302 7 weeks $5,019 8 weeks $5,736