"The Pre-College program is a program that prepares you for college level courses and the expectations of college. It is a good program for students who may not know what to expect from college and want to get some extra credits before starting college. I appreciated having early exposure to the college curriculum and becoming acquainted with the college campus before fall check-in. I really enjoyed my experience in the Pre-College Program and met some nice people. I felt more confident going into freshman year, more confident about starting college, and very comfortable when I returned in August."

Matthew Kilpatrick
Washington, DC
2021 Program Participant

"Pre-college is a time to get ahead on your studies and get the highest GPA possible in the summer, but to also meet your fellow classmates. I know you may want to stay home and hang out with your friends because it's your last and final summer with them before college, but you'll meet so many people and make many different memories here if you choose to attend. The program is perfect for someone who is eager to attend college and get ahead, but also for someone who is social or someone who needs help making friends before the actual school year starts. The environment in pre-college makes it easier to make friends with the smaller class size."

Harlem Morton
Laurel, MD
2021 Program Participant

"The Pre-College program is a summer program for freshman that gives you good social gains and offers full courses in just a few weeks for full credit toward your major. This program is good for any student in the pre-med field that wants to get ahead in their studies, as well as, students who have hard time making friends in big social environments."

Chyla Futch- Spates
Zachary, LA
2021 Program Participant

"My name is Cecelia Bishop and my husband, Garry, and I have a son, Christopher, attending the pre-college program. We want to thank the staff that organized the pre-college registration day, as it was truly a "stress free" day. For parents sending off their first born, I felt confident that he would be just fine as we were told in the meeting. "You all have this" and you truly do. Thank you again for all of your support, consideration, and love that have been shown throughout the many staff members that have assisted us with making this transformation.

"Christopher graduated from high school on June 15th and we reported to Hampton University on the 19th of June for registration. Our assigned registration time was not until 1:00 pm and I was a little concerned with the time due to the mandatory parent/student meeting that was scheduled for 3:00 pm that day. We arrived on campus around 11:00 am. The ladies at the desk assured us that we would have time to take care of every detail before the meeting. She also told us that the registration station was ahead of schedule and they would probably take us shortly. We were seen around 11:30 am and it took all of five minutes to get Christopher's schedule and paperwork. We were directed to the next stations. We took care of the laundry card while Christopher stood in line for his ticket to King's Dominion and T-shirt. I saw Dr. Inman sitting at the end of the table and asked her about the Bank of America accounts because, Christopher already had an account. I inquired to determine if the account was something connected to the school. She reassured me it was the same and we moved on the next item on our agenda which was to get Christopher moved into the dormitory. That process went just as smoothly as the beginning of our day. We received Christopher's key and started the moving process. Christopher's roommate had chosen the left side and we proceed to the right side of the room. We thought it was hilarious that they both had the same last name, Bishop. We met the young man's father and were pleased with the match. We got Christopher settled and moved on the mandatory meeting that started on time. My husband and I were truly impressed. We were also impressed with the information that we received from each department that spoke that day. We later went to the bookstore to ensure that Christopher had money on his account. Ms. Pat was so helpful and reassured us that she would take good care of Christopher. She has done exactly that to date. My husband and I are extremely happy with our son's choice to attend Hampton University. After our first meeting with Mrs. Angela Boyd, I felt at peace with our son attending Hampton. After leaving him on the 19th of June, I felt even more at peace about our son's new home while he attains his master's degree in Architecture."

Cecelia L. Bishop
Lorton, VA

"Good, better, best, are three words I will remember for a lifetime. Attending the summer-bridge program at Hampton University was one of the greatest experiences of my life. During my five week stay at Hampton University I matured and grew as a person. The five week bridge program flew by, before I knew it I found myself saying good bye to all my friends and hoping to see them in the fall. As I began my seven hour journey back home I began to reflect on the good times and bad times spent at Hampton University. While being stuck in D.C traffic, a song began to play on the radio called "Never Could Have Made it Without you" by Marvin Sapp. This song helped me realize that during the five week period at HU I've become a stronger, wiser and better man.

"Being so far away from my family and friends for the first time, made me stronger. Having to depend on myself with no mom and dad to wake me up, get me breakfast, or make sure I go to class was a new experience. Adapting to my new environment at HU took some getting used to. The rules, and regulations established on campus helped me stay focus. I'm a stronger man because I've learned how to push myself, and stay motivated when things aren't going my way. My experience at HU has made me wiser. I've learned that you have to make the right decisions and stay focused to be successful and don't let anything distract you from achieving your dreams. I've also learned how to ask for help and listen to my professors recommendations for success. During my time spent at Hampton University I excelled in my English class but had a minor problem with math. Math is the subject that has always required me to focus more than any other subject. As I confronted my math teacher Mrs. Heart I asked her if extra help would be possible. She told me yes and that she would be holding an extra help session after class. During the extra help session, I worked side by side with Mrs. Heart until I understood the material. This made me better because it showed me that with hard work and dedication success can be accomplished

"I would like to thank you, for allowing me to attend the summer-bridge program at Hampton University. It was the experience of a lifetime. It helped me prepare for life away from home and my transition from a boy to a man. I can envision myself walking through the halls of Hampton University, and walking across the stage in 2012 with a smile on my face after receiving my diploma."

George Watkins
Orange, New Jersey

"The HU Pre-College/Summer Bridge Program was an ideal stepping stone for our son's transition from high school to college. The six weeks proved to be an excellent combination of academics, socialization, and dormitory life, encouraging him as he prepared for his freshman year. Making friends, networking with faculty and administrators, learning his way around campus, becoming familiar with Hampton's history and traditions, and building confidence increased his chances for success. The energetic and nurturing Pre-College staff were exceptional...paving the way for our son's Hampton experience to become both a positive and productive one in his life"

Harold and Anita Booker
Willingboro, New Jersey

"The Pre-College Program enhanced my confidence as well as my academic well-being. The positive college environment allowed me to receive a head start for the incoming freshman year."

Kevin Beauford
Chicago, Illinois

"The Pre-College Program really helped my son's transition from high school to college. He was able to meet people from all over the country and spread his academic wings. It was a really great experience for him."

Dr. Zaphon Wilson
Hampton, Virginia

"I reluctantly enrolled in the program because I was initially afraid to be 12 hours away from home. However, with lots of counseling and reassurance from the staff and faculty at HU I am now in my junior year with a current cumulative grade point average of 3.46! I am so glad that I attended the program."

Yolanda Seay
Cincinnati, Ohio

"As a parent, I felt that Hampton University's Pre-College Program offered my son an advance opportunity as a "Rising Senior" to experience the rewards of college life. The faculty provided an enriched and rewarding academic environment for both young men and women. It is certainly a positive experience for any student."

Janice D. Lucas
Mitchellville, Maryland

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