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A Survey of 803 Likely Voters - Virginia Statewide - February 2014

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Respondent's Gender

Question 1

Are you 18 years or older and registered to vote in state of Virginia?

100% - Yes

Question 2

Do you normally vote in all elections, most elections, only sometimes or hardly ever vote?

Question 4

The new Attorney General of Virginia, Mark Herring, has indicated that he would not defend Virginia's ban on same-sex marriage. Do you strongly agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree or strongly disagree with his decision?

Question 5

Virginia has a ban on same-sex marriage. Do you think the ban should remain in place?

Question 6

Generally speaking, do you believe same-sex couples should be allowed legally to marry in the state of Virginia?

Question 7

One of the new laws going into effect this year is the Voter identification law. Registered voters have to show a picture identification when attempting to vote. Do you agree with requiring all voters show a picture identification to vote?

Question 8

Another new law in Virginia is the ability to register to vote online. Previously, voters had to register at the local Department of Motor Vehicles office or a local Registrar's Office. Do you support online voter registration?

Question 9

The former Governor of Virginia, Robert McDonnell, has had charges against him formally filed in a federal indictment accusing him of, among other things, making false statements and conspiracy to defraud the citizens of Virginia of their right to honest services. Mr. McDonnell has apologized for his poor judgment, returned gifts and loans, but says he did nothing illegal and will contest the charges at trial. Generally speaking, do you believe McDonnell is guilty or not guilty of the federal charges filed against him?

Question 12

Do you generally approve or disapprove of the job Bob McDonnell did when he was Governor?

Question 13

Which of the following categories best describes your age?

Question 14

What is the last grade in school you completed?

Question 15

What is your current marital status - are you married, single, living together or engaged, widowed, or divorced?

Question 16

For statistical purposes only, we need to know your total household income for 2013. Will you please tell me which of the following categories best represents your total family income?

Question 17

What type of work do you do?

Question 18

Do you consider yourself a Democrat, a Republican, or an Independent? Would that be a strong democrat, moderate democrat, weak democrat, Independent, strong Republican, moderate Republican or weak Republican?

Question 19

Are you or is any member of your household a current member of the military on active duty, a member on non-active duty, a member of the national guard or reserves or a veteran?

Question 19A

What would that be?

Question 20

Please tell me your race?

Question 21

And how long have you lived in the state of Virginia?