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Forms Info Due
Spring Academic Update Report Info March
Fall Academic Update Report Info September
Annual Report Info June
Application for Hampton University Research Funds Info Nov. (Fall)
Apr. (Spring)
Application for Leave Info As Required
Application for Sabbatical Leave Info January
Application for Short Leave Info 48 hrs. before travel
ARGOS Reports Access / Creation / Change Request   As Required
Authorization to Hire Internal/External Personnel Under Funded Projects/Grants, etc. Hiring Process As Required
Authorization to Hire Overload Faculty   Sept. & Jan.
Authorization to Hire Part-time External Faculty Hiring Process As Required
Banner Access (Additional)   As Required
Banner Access Revocation   As Required
Banner Training Request   As Required
Baseline Change Request (BCR)   As Required
Budget Transfer Info As Required
Budget Waiver   As Required
Campus Directory Update (Faculty/Staff)   As Required
Certification of Personnel Activity   As Required
Citizenship Verification   As Required
Classroom Observation Form Info Per semester
Conduct Research   As Required
Course Adjustment Form   As Required
Course Information Sheet Codes As Required
Departmental Transfers & Disposals   As Required
Documentation of Faculty Qualifications   As Required
Early Alert Referral Form   As Required
Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9)   As Required
Evaluation of Transfer Credits   As Required
Faculty Employment Application Info As Required
Faculty Evaluation Form Info February
Faculty Information Sheet   As Required
Faculty Performance Confidential Info February
Faculty Performance Contract Info February
Faculty Profile Form January
Final Clearance Form Departing Faculty   As Required
Final Clearance Form Returning Faculty   May
Request for Full-Time Faculty Contract Form Hiring Process As Required
Helpdesk Work Request Ticketing   As Required
Intellectual Property Rights Policy   As Required
Faculty-Led Study Abroad Form for Faculty   As Required
Institutional Research Data Request Form   As Required
Media Productions Equipment/Service Request   As Required
Pirate Alert Notification (PAN) (Login Required)    
Post a Marquee Message As Required
Priority Project Form   As Required
Program Adjustments (Substitutions/Waivers for the Undergraduate College)   As Required
Request for Approval for External Employment Info As Required
Request for Excuse from Formal University Events Info As Required
Request to Revise a Grant   As Required
Requisition Form   As Required
Stipend Voucher Form   As Required
Strategic Planning School/Unit Form Info March
Student Counseling Center Referral Form   As Required
Student Aid Form   As Required
Student Employment Form   As Required
Survey of Institutional Effectiveness   As Required
Testing Accomodation Request Form (To be used for students with registered disabilities only.)   As Required
Three Year Review   As Required
Travel Advance Application   As Required
Travel Expense Voucher Info 48 hrs. upon return
Web Services Work Request Ticketing   As Required