Setting up your Email Account on Android Devices

  1. Open All Apps
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Choose Accounts & Sync
  4. Tap Add Account at the bottom right
  5. Tap Exchange ActiveSync
  6. Enter your full email address in the email address field (
  7. Enter your INFOTECH password in the password field
  8. Tap Manual Setup. If prompted for account type, choose Exchange (may say Corporate Sync).
  9. Tap Next
  10. Under Server Address, enter for the server address
  11. Under Domain, enter INFOTECH
  12. Under Username, enter your firstname.lastname
  13. Under Password, enter your INFOTECH Password
  14. Make sure Use SSL connection checkbox is checked
  15. Tap Next
  16. Select the data to synchronize with the Exchange Server and Push mail then tap Next
  17. Tap Finish set up
  18. Your email should now download. The first download can take several minutes. By default, only the last 14 days of data will sync.