The Executive Leadership Summit

On The Road To The Presidency

Dr. William R. Harvey

The Executive Leadership Summit builds on the more than forty-year success of Dr. William R. Harvey as President of Hampton University. As a bridge builder, President Harvey established the Executive Leadership Summit as a means of reaching out to individuals at colleges, universities, and to other institutions who aspire to become executive leaders as well as those who seek professional retooling.

President Harvey has a broad perspective on critical challenges faced by those who lead and serve in executive positions at institutions of higher learning. He is extremely knowledgeable about the unique issues that are brought to bear at diverse, small and mid-sized comprehensive colleges and universities. He attributes much of his success as a chief executive officer to ten fundamental leadership principles, which now comprise the Harvey Executive Leadership Model.

Throughout his career as President of Hampton University, Dr. Harvey has demonstrated a strong commitment to the professional development of others. Several of his chief administrators have served as president at diverse colleges and universities. Others have moved into executive leadership positions within the government and corporate sector.

His desire to prepare tomorrow's leaders led to the institutional establishment of the William R. Harvey Leadership Institute. The Executive Leadership Summit is one of the stellar programs offered through the Leadership Institute. The Summit is all about "Passing the Executive Leadership Torch."