The Executive Leadership Summit - Vision & Mission


To pass the executive leadership torch from experienced and successful executive leaders to those who aspire to advance to top positions and/or to those who wish to significantly enhance their leadership skills.

Summit Mission

  • To examine leadership challenges and opportunities confronted by university and college presidents and other executives;
  • To learn about a wide range of strategies currently practiced by experienced, successful executives;
  • To share best practices that differentiate exceptional colleges, universities, agencies, systems and businesses from others;
  • To assist tomorrow's leaders in the development of well-defined career strategies to accomplish their personal and professional goals;
  • To provide professional development and re-tooling strategies for those who wish to remain in their current leadership positions;
  • To foster relationships between executive leaders and those who aspire to assume top level positions; and
  • To create a network among those serving in top positions at diverse, small and mid-sized comprehensive colleges and universities.