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University Police Officer (Part-time)
HU Police
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Patrol the campus by foot and/or vehicle to prevent crime or disturbances of businesses and persons within the University. Notes suspicious persons and unusual conditions and makes preliminary investigations. Examines buildings and check doors and windows for security. Report hazards that endanger public safety such as damaged utility structures, traffic signals, etc. responsible for law enforcement duties for the protection, safety and welfare of students, employees, visitors, and all property within the area under the control and jurisdiction of Hampton University. Exercise independent judgment within the limits prescribed by law, rules and regulations of the Board of Trustees, University rules and regulations and Police Department Policies and Procedures.

Duties and Responsibilities

Enforces Virginia codes and laws on the property under the control and jurisdiction of Hampton University. Provides service, information and aid to students, employees and visitors. Preserves the peace by all lawful means, interceding lawfully to prevent and/or suppress crime. Conduct preliminary investigations, acknowledges radio transmissions relaying citizen’s complaints and proceeds to location. Watches for and makes recovery of lost and stolen property and vehicles. Arrests offenders with or without warrant when authorized by law. Enforces traffic law; detect violations, issues citations or warnings. Investigates motor vehicle accidents. Enforces Board of Trustees and Student Affairs Rules and Regulations. Operates vehicles, two-way radios, computers, office machines, emergency medical equipment, and radar detection device. Serve warrants and summonses. Arrest violators for misdemeanors and felonies. Appear in court as the arresting officer, reporting person, witness or person with knowledge. Investigate traffic accident and renders first aid to the injured. Direct and reroutes traffic around accidents or other disruptions. Prepares reports and perform other related duties as required.


Must already be DCJS Basic Law Enforcement Certified Proficient in all phases of duties performed. Knows and understands Virginia codes and laws to be enforced by Campus Police Officers. Knows and understands departmental and university policies, procedures, rules, and regulations. Qualified on and uses equipment assigned to the department. Qualified first-aid care first responder; CPR certified. Demonstrate logical, effective problem solving ability. Knows, understands, and applies correct use of force, including lethal and less than lethal force. Provides credible testimony in a court of law. Qualified with department firearm through a department certified instructor. Maintains a valid driver’s license. Possess a high school diploma or GED. Prefer Law Enforcement Officer Certified by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services.


In good physical condition, including vision and hearing. Able to hear and speak and fully use arms and legs. Able to drive, stand or walk for lengthy periods of time, run, stop, stoop, climb, crouch, push, jump, pull, carry, reach above head, lift, use hand-wrist and elbow motion, grasp, and hold. Must be capable of using force to gain control and compel compliance of a lawful order by an unwilling suspect, to include wrestling, grappling, and fighting. Must be capable of using physical force, less than deadly force (baton, pepper spray, and/or Taser), or deadly force when appropriate and in accordance with the law. Communicates effectively orally and in writing, and gives instructions in a precise, understanding manner. Establishes and maintains harmonious working relationships and deals tactfully with others. Establishes rapport with persons from different ethnic, cultural, and/or economic backgrounds. Interacts well with people who are under physical and/or emotional stress. Maintains a calm manner in stressful and emergency situations. Makes decisions and acts quickly in dangerous or emergency situations. Exercises discretion in handling confidential information. Exercises sound judgment. Follows oral and written instructions. Reads, writes and comprehends the English language. Motivates others. Prepares general reports, and maintains accurate records. Works accurately with names, numbers, codes and/or symbols. Gathers information through questioning individuals and accurately records information provided. Gathers information by examining records, documents, and reports. Assembles items of information in accordance with established procedures. Utilizes investigate techniques to obtain information. Understands and applies the laws, rules, and regulations governing assigned unit activities. Understands, applies, and explains the policies, procedures, specifications, guidelines and standards governing assigned unit activities. Analyzes and determines the applicability of data, draws conclusions, and makes appropriate recommendations. Safely operates a motor vehicle and has a history of safe driving (no less than-2). Coordinates the efforts of others to accomplish assigned work objectives. Gathers information through observing people. Can lift heavy objects or persons. Adapts to varying work situations. Can stand and/or walk for prolonged periods of time. Meets physical stamina and endurance standards established by the Department of Criminal Justice Services. Must pass fit-for-duty medical and psychological examinations, and agility test, and/or polygraph examination.

How to Apply

Please submit a cover letter, resume, and a completed Application for Educational Support Staff Employment either via email atHROffice@hamptonu.eduor fax to (757) 727-5969:

Office of Human Resources

Hampton University

Hampton, VA 23668

**No phone calls

**Incomplete applications will not be considered

**As a condition of employment, Hampton University requires all employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to include the COVID-19 booster, unless you submit and are approved for a medically contraindicated exemption or religious exemption.

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