Employment Opportunities - Staff

All applicants should follow the application guidelines outlined in the job posting. The application process for a Staff or Faculty position is unique to the position.

Application process for Staff positions:

  1. View current Staff Positions online or call the job line at (757) 727-5954.
  2. Submit an Application for Educational Support Staff Employment to Hampton University between the hours of 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday:
    • In person or by mail:
      Office of Human Resources
      Armstrong-Slater Bldg, Room 110
      Hampton University
      Hampton, VA 23668
    • Email: hroffice@hamptonu.edu
    • Fax: (757) 727-5969
  1. Applications must be complete. Previous employers should include at a minimum the city and state within the "Occupational Record" section of the application.
  2. Submit copies of an original application when applying for more than one department.
  3. Specify job title and department desired on the top section of the application.