About Us


A country where most African American children are born into intact families and raised by their married and biological parents in loving, nurturing and safe homes and where most married African Americans enjoy loving, peaceful and stable marriages that inspire and support their personal development, empowerment and human dignity.


To strengthen families in the African American community by:

  • Helping African Americans gain essential knowledge, skills and other resources required for building and sustaining healthy marriages and practicing effective parenting; and
  • Increasing public awareness of the status and value of healthy African American marriages and parent-child relationships and of the importance of effective cultural and societal supports for these families.


  1. Research:  To conduct, archive, synthesize and disseminate scholarly research scholarly research on African American marriages, parenting and families.
  2. Training:  To significantly increase the number of African Americans with graduate training in marriage and family.
  3. Resources: To provide African Americans and those serving African American populations with current information about what it takes to have a healthy marriage and family and access to resources that might help them to have healthy marriages and families.
  4. Youth:  To promote values and behaviors that increase healthy personal development (including character and personal and civic responsibility) among African American youth and young adults, while providing them with the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions about healthy relationships (including skills and knowledge that can help them eventually form and sustain healthy marriages and families).
  5. Public Awareness: To raise awareness and foster discussion on the status and importance of marriage and family in African American Communities and facilitate collaborative marriage and family strengthening efforts among individuals and groups.

Pyschology Department

The NCAAMP is a part of the Department of Psychology at the prestigious historically Black College – Hampton University.  The Department of Psychology consistently graduates the largest number of students at Hampton each year and the largest number of African American students in Psychology in the country.