Public Awareness

To raise awareness and foster discussion on the status and importance of marriage and family in African American Communities, and facilitate collaborative marriage and family strengthening efforts among individuals and groups.

The NCAAMP aims to serve as an information resource on Black marriages and families for black churches, the general public, practitioners and the academic community. To accomplish these goals, the NCAAMP will execute the following: 1) Outreach to and collaboration with faith-based communities; 2) Outreach to and collaborations with Historically Black Colleges and Universities; 3) provide a National Marriage and Family Summit of influential individuals and marriage and family leaders across the political, regional, cultural and race/ethnicity spectrum; and 4) sponsor a Media Campaign on African American Marriages and Families.

Public Awareness Future Products

  • Outreach to and collaborations with faith-based communities
  • Outreach to and collaborations with HBCUs
  • National Black Marriage and Family Summit
  • Media Campaign on Black Marriages