To conduct, collect, archive, synthesize and disseminate scholarly research on African American marriages and families.
To help fill the knowledge gap on African American marriages and families, the NCAAMP will conduct, archive, synthesize and disseminate research relative to marriage and family in African American communities. The first major research project for the NCAAMP will be a comprehensive study on the quality of African American marriages. The purpose of the Quality of African American Marriages (QAAM) Research Project is to help determine factors that weaken and strengthen African American marital relationships through a qualitative and quantitative study of African American married couples. This research project and its findings could be the inaugural evidence-based data and analysis that launches the Center and brings it national attention and respect.

Research Projects:

  1. Black Clergy and Marriage
  2. African American Marriage and Wellness
  3. Spirituality and The Quality of African American Marriages

Catalog of Research

Black Marriage Related Trends / Fact Sheets


The Marriage Index: A proposal to Establish Leading Marriage Indicators