To provide African Americans and those serving African American populations with current information about what it takes to have a healthy marriage and family and access to resources that might help them to have healthy marriages and families.

This will be accomplished by distributing a series of brochures and other materials developed by Center staff, partners and consultants that address the diverse issues relevant to improving the quality of family relationships (including married couples, the relationships of unwed parents and parent-child relationships) in African American communities. While materials will be directed towards all segments of the African American community, some segments will be specifically targeted. These groups include churches, low-income and disadvantaged communities and adolescents and young adults. Professionals who serve these populations will also be targeted. We will also seek to assist low-income and single parents (mothers and fathers) in getting access to essential social services and supports (e.g. parenting resources, job training, job placement, and quality health/day care services, as well as services that connect incarcerated parents to their children in healthy ways).

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Why Marriage Matters, Second Edition
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Ten Steps to Healthy Marriages and Families" Pamphlet Series

Biennial Report on the State of Black Marriages and Families (State of Our Unions)

"Making the Case: The Value of Black Marriage and Family"