To significantly increase the number of African Americans with graduate training in marriage and family. To accomplish this objective we will develop a master's level program in marriage and family that will provide students with a laboratory for:

  1. Learning about marriage and family theory, research and practice;
  2. Analyzing the current state of Black marriages and families, their causes and consequences;
  3. Exploring approaches for prevention and intervention that promote healthy marriages and children and quality family living across generations;
  4. Interacting with communities to teach and learn about healthy family relationships;
  5. Developing the attitudes, knowledge and skills that will prepare them for more satisfying and lasting intimate relationships;
  6. Acquiring knowledge and skills that will serve as a foundation for doctoral training in marriage and family.


To promote values and behaviors that increase healthy personal development (including character and personal and civic responsibility) among African American youth and young adults, while providing them with the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions about healthy relationships (including skills and knowledge that can help them eventually form and sustain healthy marriages and families).
To meet this objective materials and programs (including mentoring programs) will be developed and disseminated by the NCAAMP staff, Hampton University and Howard University students, partners, and consultants that provide youth and young adults with information and skills that: 1) will facilitate character development; 2) increase their sense of self worth and knowledge; 3) develop personal and civic responsibility; and 4) help them to have healthy relationships.

Youth Component - Future Products

  1. "Ten steps to Healthy Relationships" Pamphlet Series
  2. Newsletter for Black Youth and their Parents
  3. Pathways to a Healthy Black Marriage and Family Annual Report
  4. Archive of Resource Materials for Black Teens and Young Adults
  5. HBCU and High School Students Relationship Conference
  6. Healthy Relationships Mentoring Program