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HU students dine with Barack Obama

As the Democratic Presidential candidate currently leading the "money race," it would be simple to overlook three anxious college students attending a major fundraiser. But U.S. Senator Barack Obama certainly didn't. On the ordinary day of Oct. 10, 2007, Obama held a fundraiser in Norfolk, Va. In politics, $1,000 per plate dinners are as common in campaigns as scandals are in Washington, D.C.

Meeting the Senator was an "experience," said Staci Childs, a member of Hampton University Students for Barack Obama (SFBO) who previously attended Camp Obama.

This fundraiser was extraordinary due to the hospitality of Obama's campaign staff as well as his personal actions. Not only did his staff allow the Hampton University SFBO to join the dinner, but moreover indulge in a meal at no cost.

"With great honor and privilege," HU President Dr. William R. Harvey introduced Obama. Prior to an outstanding speech, Obama told the Hampton University students to stand up. This was followed with applause that echoed throughout the room.

A simple acknowledgement, which elapsed for a mere 10 to 15 seconds, spoke volumes about the man's personal appreciation for students involved with his campaign. This kind gesture exhibited characteristics that trickled down to the origin of this movement, the students.

Prior to the actual event, students were granted the opportunity to personally meet Obama.

"Senator Obama truly is a genuine person," said Westley Madison, a freshman who serves as assistant media coordinator of Hampton University SFBO.

Submitted by Moses Wilson III